Some of my dungeon terrain pieces i cast and make

Here are some of my terrain pieces i make. If interested in any of them, i do make and sell them. Mainly wanted to show my own collection.
1st pix is just an old tower/keep ruins w/ an evil occupant. 2nd is my desolate temple ruins. This one is out of a mols i made and i can sell these. You can either paint yourself or i can paint for you. The moss/ vines not included w/ a purch 3rd is the prisoners tower. comes apart to play inside.ase.
Also here is a ruined tower. I have not added any affects to it yet to dress it up.
Some other dungeon terrain pieces i cast and sell
                                                                                                                   my new fountain

   other dungeon accessories. (look better in person and in a flat clear coat

small pillar set

well w/ bucket

I make all these now in a flat clear coat. Looks better than these that have a gloss.
Wow really impressive. What are your prices like?