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Uhm. Anyone here that can direct me somehow?

I recieved an email that I had been approved to join the MTGO Beta 2...

All well and dandy, I download, log in and everything is good so far.
Taking another look at the email I was sent, there was a link to the Beta 2 community group, which I believed by clicking on it would take me to it.
Well, it sort of don't. I do get onto the right website, but all that that community site tells me is;
"Sorry, this is a private group."     

Mmkay, so I click on the link for the owner of the group with hopes of getting in touch with someone that can include me into the group.

Nope. Nix.

By clicking on the link; "Contact Owner."  I am being redirected to my PM, where I normally would be able to send a mail to person in question. Here I get the message;
"You must be friends with this user to send a private message."

Riiight. So here I am, not knowing what forum to post in, nor whom to ask, nor whom to ask about the name of whom I have to ask.

Btw, I did send and inquiry to but alas, there is no response to this yet (3 days now)

Anyone? Hint, link, anything?
Reply to the email that sent you the beta invitation.  Tell them your forum user id and ask for access to the beta group.

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Cool. Will do. Thanks.
I had the same problem, and replied to the email on 2/21... no response yet as of 2/24...
I did get my answer (positively) shortly after emeiling the help department. (whithin the next day, if my memory serves me right).