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Hey guys,
So I'm a part of a new group of gamers that is coalescing around a new D&D 4E campaign.  We are all more-or-less brand new to D&D, and we're sort of figuring it out as we go.

I've stepped up and offered to DM, and frankly, I'm really enjoying the role.

As a bit of background.  I'm not especially driven to create lots of worlds/adventures for this.  My plan is to leverage already published adventures/maps/worlds and bend them to fit into my overarching story.....

We initally got together to work through The Slaying Stone, and after a couple of sessions, we've all realized that we're hooked, and we want to keep playing.  As the DM though, I suppose it's on me to flesh out where to go next.

During the course of our first session, we established that our Cleric was on the hunt for a mace.  We didn't really flesh out the details, but I'm thinking I'll use that as a spring board for the following rough idea.   I'd appreciate any feedback you guys might have on the general story arc, playablity, or any issues you might see:

Setting:  Nentir Vale (because I've got maps and whatnot!)

Once our intrepid crew finally destorys the slaying stone, it's going to split into five separate shards.  One for each of them.  I'll then have an NPC weave them into a tale of five fabled relics/weapons/armor that were destroyed in the last era (maybe have each one tied to a diety?).  The NPC can then send them to Fallcrest for more information.  Once in Fallcrest, we'll have them learn the locations and backstories on each of these relics, which, if they play nicely, they will go find.  My plan is basically 1 relic per level.

As they're gathering the relics, my plan is to drop hints that all is not well in the Vale.  That there is some sort of larger evil at work, gaining a foothold, corrupting the land.  One mechanism for doing this will be dreams.  After each extended rest, I've been giving each PC a little slip that I'm calling a "Dreamscape".  The dreams have been clues, hints, and sometimes traps....

The wizard though, has been having meta-dreams of sorts.  He sees a bunch of Psions manipulating the dreams of the rest of the PCs.  At some point, I'll have the psions show up and talk to the PCs about being part of a much bigger picture. 

Once the party has accumulated all of the relics, I'll send them off to have them fixed.  Once repaired, I'm considering giving the weapons a Voltron/Capt. Planet-like daily that lets them all work together for some sort of game-breaker. 

Once they've got their toys, we'll send 'em off to take care of whatever's causing the ruckus in the Vale.

That's the basic framework.  Like I said before, I'll likely pull the content of each individual adventure from pre-published material, but change what's requried to make it fit.

What do you all think?
That's a good outline.  When it comes to adventure planning...plan one session ahead so you can drop hooks in the current session.    

Be prepared at some point for you players to a  direction you are not expected. 
Try asking each player for something from their character's past that they would like to have incorporated into the story.  It doesn't have to be much, but I find that the players really enjoy when something personal to their character is involved in the overall plot.  Maybe someone's father went missing when they were young.  Or someone's brother jouned the militia and had been patroling the region.  If you let the players tell you what they want they will be personally attached to the story once you weave that into the overall plot.  Good luck!
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