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With regard to the Global 1940 Alpha +3 rules on strategic bombing raids, I have a series of questions.  Forgive my ignorance of some of the lingo used on this site.

1)  Under the heading "Air Battle", the Alpha +3 rules state, "all escorts and bombers (Strategic and Tactical) fires @ 1 . . ."  Does this mean that, contrary to the original rules, bombers DO participate in any battles with interceptors?  The original rules are emphatic that they DO NOT.  I just want to make sure I understand the change.  It certainly makes sense that they would particpate since the B-17, for example, had waist, tail, top, ball turret and nose guns.

2) What does "1d6+2" mean? I gather it means, if you role a "1", you score a hit and then add "2" to that for a total damage of "3".  Simply put, does this mean that every role of "1" results in damage of "3"?

Thanks for your help.  
1) Yes, bombers fire in the air battle.

2)  Yes, you add 2 to the result on each die for strategic bombers (but not tactical bombers). 
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