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I'm thinking of running a short Gamma World scenario based on the Patrick Swayze stinker Roadhouse*.

I just picked up the mightly Gamma Box this week and I've had no prior experience with the Gamma World series and canon, so I'm asking for ideas. Can you guys think of any mutants, settings or situations that would work well in this mashup?

*(Just in case you haven't seen it - Roadhouse is set almost completely in this big roudy bar. Swayze and his crew of bouncers have to help defend against roundy patrons and a gang of punks hired by this sleazy local kingpin.)
Honestly, I'd just run the plot of Roadhouse for as long as you can until they catch on. By that point they are bound to have gone off the rails, so just enjoy where they take you.

I tend to keep a stable of 10-12 generic NPC's at any one time, rotating them out for a while after I use one. They tend to be mutant humans, perhaps with the physical characteristics of a random origin but without the powers. These would be the extras in the bar - nameless patrons and wait staff. Roll up 5-6 named patrons and 3-4 staff members with a single origin, and these are your supporting actors. Have a couple of henchmen that are created like a PC and about as powerful, and your big boss who should be a few levels higher (though keeping with the Roadhouse theme, he should be a manipulator and schemer rather than a combatant).

Assuming the PC's are hired as bouncers to help restore the club to its former glory, you can have a bunch of conflicts. Bar fights (non-lethal but fun), porker road gangs (for added fun, have a gang of porkers and a gang of badders choose the parking lot as a dueling ground to settle a feud). A rival club scares off the musical act, and the pc's have to convince an old has-been musician to come out for one last gig (or perform it themselves).

To keep things interesting, try to have two or more non-combat challenges for every combat. Perhaps a fire breaks out and the PC's have to get a panicked crowd out the exit, which is somehow jammed. Word gets around town that phase roaches are breeding in the beer, and the rumormonger must be found and convinced to give up his employer.

If you want to run this as a mini-campaign, make sure the PC's know that the big boss is responsible, but never let anything point directly at him. The law should be honest enough that they can never make anything stick, or so corrupt that nothing goes challenged. The players should be willing to play along with the theme, rather than rounding up the torches and pitchforks and racing to the final confrontation. The fun is in the journey, not the destination.
Absolutely brilliant ideas! Thanks lots. I particularly love the replace-the-musical-act and gang-fight scenarios. I also completely agree with the final paragraph too: that will be the way to play it.

I am mostly into D&D but at times in imaging thing more modern and did so as mate Elvira, pulp fiction, and zombie lands as more RPG setting than combat of gamma world.

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