One shot Pregen Concepts--advice

So I am writing a one shot to run at the RPG day for Connecitcon in March. 

The One shot will be done with pregens, 13th level characters, and the adventure is going to be the sith attack on the jedi temple in the Legacy era.  If you are not familiar with it, the attack is the Sith revealing their presence to the Jedi and Galaxy at large.

The PC's will all be members of the empirial remnant (the Empire to them) or Sith acolytes searching for Darth-dom in this mission.

So what I am having some trouble coming up with are what kinds of Pre-gen consepts should I include?

I don't need help so much in making the characters, but more so in coming up with a diverse set of pregens so not every character is a "heavy weapons" guy or stock sith inquisitor.

I am borrowing heavily from the Starwars video games.  Here are some of the archtypes I've got:

Imperial Trooper Sergeant (combination of a comander cody style character and Hondo Karr)
Imperial Pilot/Scout (a more comabt capable Juno Eclipse)
Possibly an actual Imperial Agent (more an infiltrator style build)
A Sith Inquisitor (a more atypical force user, more nihilus)
A Sith rage build
A Sith, but one that has a non-stereotypical feel.  I'm thinking an outsider of some sort, but I'm not sure.

Now, the setup is that they PC's will be part of the initial infiltration.  The temple on Ossus is blockaded by Imperial forces and before the Sith reveal themselves and attack the PC's must cause an "incident" to make the Imperial forces feel justified in an attack, as though the Jedi Struck first.  Each character is going to have a sealed goal, one that should be hidden from the other players, to create some tension in the session (nothing directly antagonistic, but say some minor goals that may conflict with eachother).

Are there any particular kinds of character that you would like that I haven't included?
If you were to play a One shot like this, who would you want to be (emire faction) whether above or not?
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57304548 wrote:
I imagine that Majestic Moose plays a more "A team" type game than most of us. By that I mean he allows his players to make tanks out of a backyard playground set since the players have more "fun" that way.
Actually I much prefer The Losers.
When I and my friends sit down we want a game of heroic fantasy. Rare is the moment when I have cried out in a video game or RPG "that's unrealistic." (Unless there is no jump button. Seriously makes me mad, single handedly ruined the N64 zelda series for me, but that's a digression of a digression.) I mean, we play games with the force in galaxies far, far away, with supernatural horrors, dragons and demi-gods, alternate cosmologies, etc. Reality and it's effects hold little sway to what makes a Heroic fantasy game fun IMO. Just repeat after me: You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. You are not how much you've spent on WotC products. You are not whatever RPG you play. You are one of tens of thousands of people that spend money on a hobby. You will not always get what you want

I think you've covered the basics. You can add:

-a Sith Shadow build (one that relies on stealth, perhaps with the Cloak power)

-a Sith dual lightsaber master build

-a Sith lightwhip master

-an elite Imperial Knight turned to the dark side



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I'm not too familiar with the legecy era, but I know that I would want to play a Mandaloran merc.
If this is the Legecy Era where is the Imperial Knight?  They may have stayed loyal to the Fels but it doesn't look that that break has happened yet so I'd expect one to be there.
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