An idea for a class

I don't think too many people would be against this preposition, but I wanted to see what the community said.

Here goes: what about a class (a single class) completely devoid of flavor, and could take different options on a skill tree or something so that you could make that perfect fighter-Mage or that shapeshifting backstabber, or even a healing bowman. What say you? Questions, comments, disagreement, anything. Holydoom! A lighthearted RPG in progress. Loosely based on 3.5. 4, and GURPS. Very, Very, Very loosely. Seriously, visit it now.!_(like_this!):_A_Slayers_Handbook An attempt at CharOp
To anyone who thinks Pathfinder is outselling D&D
While one report may say that FLGS report a greater amount of book sales, one cannot forget the fact that the 71000 DDI subscribers paying 6-10 dollars a month don't count as "Book Sales."
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Stuff I Heard Mike Say (subject to change): Multiclassing will be different than in 3.5! That's important. There is no level cap; classes advance ala 3.5 epic levels after a set level. Mundane (AKA fighter and co) encounter and daily powers will probably not be in the PHB (for the lack of space), but nor will they be in some obscure book released halfway through the edition.
You can't please everyone, but you can please me. I DO NOT WANT A FREAKING 4E REPEAT. I DO NOT WANT A MODULE THAT MIMICS MY FAVORITE EDITION. I WANT MODULES THAT MIMIC A PLAYSTYLE AND CAN BE INTERCHANGED TO COMPLETELY CHANGE THE FEEL, BUT NOT THE THEME, OF D&D. A perfect example would be an espionage module, or desert survival. A BAD EXAMPLE IS HEALING SURGES. WE HAVE 4E FOR THOSE! A good example is a way to combine a mundane and self healing module, a high-survival-rate module, and a separate pool of healing resource module.
Be interesting to see, but not fit for the first PHB. Something that should come out later.
It would be the only class I would ever need.
Its an interesting concept but to truly get it to work out would end up being a pain (its like an entirely new system in itself which would be ontop of the current system) but I do like the idea. A blank template as you would, or at least the bare bones.

If I were to do it I would have points to spend so yes you want a mage, but you want say... dual wielding on it. Dual wield would cost you set points to be proficient with (an expensive one I think) and the weapons themselves you use would require points to get proficiency (but with the cost it may be worth waiting to use some of your feats). The points would be universal, not just proficiencies so class features... bonus to Willpower and such. Not so much a tree although some things would have obvious prerequisits.

Overall, way too clunky but would give a much higher customisation level and DMs could create campaigns with set starting points for these characters.
Multiclass alternative?
That actaully sounds a little like the level progression in FF12.  Each character starts out at a different part on this map of abilities and then, as you level, every body pretty much ends up being good at everything.  It was interesting as a novelty, but I didn't find it super exciting.  

It's interesting that you mention this becuase I was wondering, with the power structure of 4e why they DIDN'T have an Open/Custom multiclass option.  From what I was reading they Hybrid even seemed to be and after thought, and I really didn't care how it forces you to balance your abilities between two classes.  It seems like a natual direction to go.  You could easily do it yourself in a home game.  You can choose from any class powers as you level.  I would say there should be a penalty though.  Like you have to choose a power 1 level lower than the level you're gaining. might actually want the character to have a base class, so that they are only penalized when they take a power from a different class's list. 

Either way, to me, it's a no brainer as an option with the kind of character development system 4e has.    
Seems vaguely like the old Dragonlance Commoner, though with more direction to go.  You could do it with a few "core" class types, but allow some cross-tree movement between them.
Sounds like a Jack of all Trades feat write large.  Might be interesting, might be a pain.
Sounds like a Jack of all Trades feat write large.  Might be interesting, might be a pain.

Interesting but, Doesn't sound like D&D to me.
This is pretty much what GURPS or Shadowrun is.
Sorta like the general classes from Unearthed Arcana, wrapped up in a bundle and turned up to 11. I like the idea. I would like to see it in an Unearthed Arcana-type book. Just sounds like a pain in the rear to balance. Especially in a way that doesn't reward mage options too much. Spells are pretty powerful and difficult to balance...then give that person a close to full attack viability through this custom class creater? Suddenly is the CoDzilla all over again.
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