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In the first day, we received 92c, 21s, 150g, and 1p. The gold and plat were of Brelish origin. We spent all of that to purchase camels to ride across the Valenar desert. We also received 2 potions of Cure Light Wounds [1d8+1], worth 20g each, whose glass was determined to be of Valenar origin. One of those potions was spent to bring Tresious back to conciousness; the other is still held by Gaiseric.

In the second leg of our journey, we gained 350g from our writ of credit. After selling our camels to fund the passage to Sharn, leaving us each 30g to pocket, 60g from our group fund was spent riding the lightning rail into Sharn, and 1g spent on a cab to the docks. So we now have 289g in group fund, held by Gaiseric (unless someone else wants to carry it?).

In items, Blazer now rocks sylvan hide armor (+1), and Mika sports a new heavy shield of protection (+1). Gaiseric took Lady Fistal's (+1) chainmail.

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I love D&D more than I could ever love a human child.

We now have 26g in group fund after the 400g split between the remaining members. We also have one potion of cure light wounds.

Sabean picked up some nice Gauntlets of Blood.

We had the Sarlonean Puzzle Box in our posseson, but it was lost to the traitor. 
Last week we were given 750g for expenses for our cross-continental journey. We spent a couple gold in the Lazaar Principalities boozing up locals for information, and 10g for the boat trip that resulted in the demonic manta ray attack. Sabean has a class ring from the dead guy worth 150g, and also was granted an Amulet of Protection +2 from the Viceroy.

This leaves us 764g in the group fund for all expenses, and for splittin'.
Let's see what's in the loot bag currently...

  • Lockburst chalk (on Gaiseric, +7 thievery)

  • Vial of soverign glue (on Davien, vs DC 29 Str)

  • Charlatan's kit (Caltrops, Crook-eye, Disguise Kit, Gambler's Gear, Gambling Cheats, Glass Cutter)

  • Deepfarer's pouch

  • Goodnight Tincture

  • Draconic prophesy (valued at 800g, but we ain't selling this dangerous item)

  • Potion of Clarity (reroll 1 attack roll during the encounter)

And as for cash...tallying the various dragon treasures, the lyric kobold book of poetry, and our prevoius cache of $1253 after raising Tresious, we now have $2398.

Also, Davien scored some Life Draining Gauntlets.

Split between the party and the group fund, we each can blow $399.67. The new group fund is now reset to $399.67. If anyone would like to hold one of the loot bag items, holler out, otherwise it's in Gaiseric's pack.
Well, since last we were here, Sabean gained a Cobra Strike Ki Focus +2 and we won and lost some cash.

From previous adventures we gained, in addition to the items above:

  • 10 wound patches (+5 hp when using a healing surge)

  • 5 potions of Cure Mod (2d8 + 10) already divided among the players

  • 5 vials of Alchemical Silver, divided among the players though Davien carries no weapon

  • 2x Panther's Tears (can see in dim light or low light until EONT)

Recently, we pilfered:

  • A nice money bag with 10 plat inside

  • 6 Kyber dragon shards worth 1000g each

  • A polygot gem granting knowledge of Giant currently on Gaiseric

NOT including that phat loot ($7000), our current group fund after gambling, Davien's spell, provisions and horses (left in the Towering Wood) and a boat (waiting in the harbor, probably forfeiting our 500g deposit): $649.67. All in the name of deciphering - and stopping - Moonbreaker.

I love D&D more than I could ever love a human child.

Weeeellllllll, it's been awhile and a few splits (especially the sweet split after selling the Kyber shards), but here's an account of our most recent spending. We started the latest adventure with $2650 and a souped up coach. Then we traveled.

  • Train travel, $100

  • Airship travel, $1000 ($500 each way)

  • 4 horses to pull coach ($300)

  • Clothing for our comrad's ruse ($25)

  •  Boat charter $100

We split up 5 potions of cure moderate wounds, and also divied up and used antitoxins against Shashona. Davien snagged some books from her castle before being offed (again).

We still have

  • Lockburst chalk

  • Charlatan's kit (most of it, anyway)

  • Deepfarer's pouch

  • Potion of Clarity (allows rerolls of attacks during an encounter)

  • Two vials of Panther's Tears (lets us see in dim or low light until EONT)

  • A nice money bag to stash our $1100

  • The draconic prophesy...or did we give this to someone?

  • A sweet ride in the form of a tricked out coach...unless the State took it back

I say we sell the loot...what say y'all?