My "Rise of the Runelords" Thread deleted?

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I was pretty excited about the new sets Previews that are being released and shared them with other members of the gaming community that may be interested as well. It looks like my thread went poof. Sorry to anyone that did'nt get to check them out. If you want to check out the link send me a Message and I will direct you there.

I could'nt believe that Paizo was already showing previews for a set that does not have a release date announced! I would love to see previews for Dungeon Command! Seeing as its been announced that these are simple repaints, maybe WotC could bring themselves to at least show us which ones they are going to repaint.

Or maybe they will just delete this thread too?
WotC has a forum for general RPG discussion, which is where you should be posting about non D&D gaming products.

As far as a preview of Dungeon Command, they typically do previews about a month before the scheduled release date.