Noob working on a monoblack deck. Needs help.

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Help is a strong word.
I will, over time, probably figure it out myself, but it can't harm to ask. 

Being a noob, with the daunting task of getting a monoblack deck to work effectively, I could need some inputs on how to make a Classic-60-deck work.

In a solitaire game, I am now able to kill myself(!) within turn 5. -Usually turn 4...
That's sort of okay, but knowing a proper duel would give me resistance, so I would not only prefer to have a 'winning hand' by turn three, but also include some sort of blocks against my opponent.

Knowing that monoblack is weak in the department of blocking enhancements and artifacts, I could use some strategies around that.

As of now, my deck consists of mostly infectious creatures, to add to some resistance, I also include some lifesucking abilities. Fulfilling these two behaviours, it becomes difficult to find space for anything else. I run some nice mana-pool filling cards, to be able to field some good creatures quickly, but the 'gameplan' is quite easily broken if someone fields some weird spell.

I do have Doomblade(s), but they only kill creatures.

Does anyone perhaps have/had any subjective perceptional positiv experience of using cards that force the opponent to put his 1->2->3 top cards into the graveyard/exile? -Does that perceptively mess up their strategies?

Dude forget about infect, its a weak mechanic, especially in mono-black.  I have a classic MBC deck that wins 9/10 matches in Vintage, Freeform, and Classic.  Just play the staples: Phyrexian Arena, Nantuko Shade (Can win games in 4 turns), Cabal Coffers, Mutilate, Korlash, Corrupt, Oblivion Stone...
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