Does this sound like a complete way to start 4E essentials?

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My new group just finished the Gamma World campaign and are going to start into 4E Essentials, and wanted to check if this sounds like a sufficient way to start:

For me, as the DM, I'm thinking I should have:
Dungeon Masters Kit
Monster Vault
Rules Comp.

For the players, the should have:
Heroes of Whatever for their hero
Rules Comp, (or atleast have a group rules comp available.)

This is all we need, correct?  Well them having those two books give them all the rules that they, as players, need?  And will the selection those three items give me everything I need behind the screen, assuming through the players I have access to their Heroes books to see character/race specific stuff.  Will those things be up to date with each other?  I'm not so much concerned about being out of date, so long as we're all out of date together.

And I plan on using pregen stuff for the first little chunk, to give me to lead time to the rest of the adventure, but is there anything else that would be REALLY good for me to have, or will those things give me a plenty of balanced tools to work with?

Thanks in advance for the assistance and advice.
with those products you could quite easily play for a very long time.

i personally get along just fine with DDi and the rules comp.
Sounds good to me. That material right there can last a long time. I wouldn't get more than one or maybe two (one for the DM and one for the players) copies of the Rules Compendium since its easy to pass it around the table anyway.
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If you and your group find you like it well enough, get a DDi subscription.  The character builder and the monster builder are fantastic tools. 

The original DMG and DMG 2 are incredible books as well.  Lots of good info on running games in general.

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Right, I don't expect everyone to have a Rules comp.   Especially since our group is three couples, and I'm sure some people will want their own copy to review and such away from the table.  I'm just making sure that vital things aren't going to get left out.
The 'Rules Compendium' isn't so much a necessary thing, but more like a very handy tool. The DM Kit & basic Hero books have basically all the stuff you need to do your respective jobs at the table.

I would recommend 'Mordenkainen's Magnificent Emporium,' though. This will give you a bunch of items of all rarity levels to work with. That plus the 'Monster Vault' will be enough stuff to fill your campaigns for a while.
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