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Hey, so I'm a little confused.  I didn't follow 4E really, I know a little but I'm not a big fan of the time jump and Spellplauge etc..  So please excuse my ignorance.

But on FR Wiki I read about High Imaskar (and I knew about Deep Imaskar from the Underdark sourcebook).  And I understand that the Spellplauge helped damage the Great Seal but Deep Imaskar is still, 'Deep Imaskar' and High Imaskar is from the Purple Empire or something?

Who the **** are these Palace of the Purple Empire lol..?

Where have they been if they're survivors of the Imaskar Empire all this time I've never heard of them before.    
Not a 4E Realms fan either, but from what I gather, High Imaskar is formed by people from Deep Imaskar. Empress Ususi is from Deep Imaskar. The novel Darkvision by Bruce Cordell, part of The Wizards line, is about this character and her part in the events establishing some of what will become High Imaskar.
Thanks for your reply, I knew some of Deep Imaskar went to High Imaskar, I'll definitely have to check out that  novel though.  I was hoping they'd make a novel regarding Imaskari back when they first made Deep Imaskar, and Ususi Manaallin I wonder if she's Deep Imaskari since Manaalin was a surname they put in Underdark (I used it haha), but the entry read:

"The great empire of Imaskar was destroyed when the gods of their slaves, the Mulan, rose up and shattered the empire. Some of the Imaskari retreated to Deep Imaskar in the Underdark beneath the Hordelands. The Spellplague did double duty, scouring the Mulan from the map and cracking the Great Seal that kept Deep Imaskar safe from the outside world. Explorers from Deep Imaskar set out to see if the Mulhorandi persisted, only to find another group of descendants, under the wizard Ususi Manaallin, had relocated the old Palace of the Purple Emperor to the barren Mulhorandi lands and founded the city of Skyclave.[1]"

 And I found more information here about the Palace of the Purple Emporer     www.candlekeep.com/library/articles/imas...

But it still didn't explain to me where they've been all this time and I was wondering if it was a pre-4E conception.  
Where who's been?

The Deep Imaskari remained behind the Great Seal until the Spellplague damaged it.

Darkvision is about the rediscovery of the Palace of the Purple Emperor.
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