Paizo is releasing their Second pre-painted plastic miniatures set.....

very nice
thanks, realmaster. let's split up!!!!! RIP Gary Gygax 1938-2008 RIP Dave Arneson 1947-2009 Click here to see my have/want list I have over 90 completed trades on Maxminis, WOTC and Hordelings under the same user name.
They seem to be trying to establish more of a unique identity by releasing several monsters that don't exist in D&D. Thats a good thing. So far, this set seems better than thier first.
exactly fallen;
one thing i stated is that wizkids (who actually produces the minis) was feeling it's way with the monsters and heroes set, and that it's 1st real large set would be it's test to see if they were committed to continue this line or not.

one thing that wizards failed in during it's run of D&D minis was non combat oriented figures. is you have seen, The Runelords set has two already! that is a rather solid selling point for me alone.

PS - one thing was not mentioned however. the fact that wizkids/paizo is also releasing a non random "mini set" of minis . mind you..they are repaints, but for those who are not interested in blind boosters, or just need a quick one shot..this comes in handy.
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