Designing an Artifact: Does this seem balanced to you guys?

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Hey guys. So, my group and I are going to be starting an "Evil Campaign" in the next upcoming month or two, so we've been givena lot of time to come up with suitable backstories and motive for our new characters.

Because I love the idea of the Artifact system, I wanted to try and design an artifact that would fit into my character's theme and storyline. The problem is, Artifacts are inherently super-powerful and very difficult to design. I don't want it to be overpowered when I propose it to my DM. So, I'll run it past you guys and see what you think and what modifications I can make to adjust it approproiately.

As a note, the weapon's number of Properties and Enchantments is based off of the "Axe of the Dwarven Lords" from DMG1. Also, all the available enchantments and properties already exist in the DND canon, they are just smooshed into one specific item (chiefly, I used the Icingdeath Weapon, The Helm of Seven Deaths, and the Vorpal Enchantment as my base).

Prepare for a wall of text...

The Great-Razor of Letherna (Artifact) +5 Level 23-30
This ancient and terrible weapon is said to be the same blade that the Raven Queen used to steal the power of Fate from Lolth. It’s frost-limned edge yearns for the taste of fresh souls.

Weapon: Heavy Blade (Fullblade)
Enhancement: Attack rolls and damage rolls
Critical: 1d6 Cold Damage per plus and ongoing 15 Cold damage (save ends).
Property: You gain resist 30 Fire.
Power (At-Will, *Cold): Free Action. All damage dealt by this weapon is Cold Damage. Another free action returns the damage to normal.
Power (Daily, *Cold): Free action. Use this power when you hit with the weapon. The target takes an extra 5d8 Cold Damage and is Slowed until the end of your next turn.
Utility Power (At-Will, Minor Action): Choose one bloodied creature that you have hit with an attack during this turn. You learn that creature’s current Hit Point total.
Utility Power (At-Will, Free Action 1/Turn): Trigger: You kill a living creature with an attack. Effect: The Great-Razor of Letherna captures a creature’s soul. The Razor can hold no more than seven souls. A dead creature cannot be returned to life while it’s soul is captured in this manner.
Utility Power (Healing, Encounter, Minor Action): Requirement: The razor must contain at least three souls. Effect: You regain hit points equal to 15+1/2 Your Level, and two souls are expended from within the blade.

Pleased (16-20) “Your souls are now forfeit in the name of the Raven Queen!”
The Razor and it’s wielder are as one; both singularly devoted to the dark will of it’s patron goddess.

~ The Razor’s enhancement bonus increases to +6.
Critical: Increase to 1d12 per plus.
Property: Whenever you roll the Maximum Result on any of the damage die for this weapon, roll that die again and add the additional result to the damage total. If a reroll results in another maximum damage result, roll it again and keep adding.
Power (Daily): Free Action. Use this power when you hit with the weapon. Deal and extra 3d12 damage with the attack.
Special: The Great-Razor’s critical threat range is increased to 19-20.

Satisfied (12-15) “Come, mortals. The Razor grows hungry.”
The wielder has demonstrated that they are a true pledge of the Raven Queen, and shall continue to aid the wielder so long as they remain worthy of it’s power.

~ Utility Power (Daily, Minor Action): Requirement: The Blade must contain seven souls. Effect: On your next damage roll, maximize the results of up to four of the dice you roll. All seven souls are then expended from the Razor.

Normal (5-11) “The Razor whispers dark promises in my ear.”
The Razor sees potential in it’s new wielder, and compels the warrior to prove themselves in action and in deed.

Unsatisfied (1-4) “I can feel the Razor draining the life from under my very skin.”
The Razor is unconvinced that the wielder is dedicated to the Raven Queen and her ideals, and now seeks a new candidate. As punishment, the Razor begins to claim the soul of it’s current “Master”.

~ Special: Once per day at any time, the Razor might choose to absorb it’s victims soul. The Razor makes a special attack, rolling 1d20 + your level. If this attack hits, the target spends a Healing Surge but instead takes damage equal to it’s Healing Surge Value to itself (which cannot be reduced in any way), and is placed in a Weakened state (Save Ends).

Angered (0 or Lower) “I must be rid of the Razor. It will not stop until I’m dead.”
The Razor is now an instrument of the Raven Queen’s fury, and will stop at nothing until it’s former host has been washed from the earth.

~ The Razor’s Enhancement bonus drops to +4.
Special: Once per Day, the Razor might choose to absorb it’s wielder’s soul. The Razor makes a special attack, rolling 1d20 + your level (vs. Will). If this attack hits, the target spends a Healing Surge but does damage equal to it’s Healing Surge Value to itself, and is placed in a Weakened state. In addition, the attack made by the Great-Razor of Letherna causes ongoing 15 Damage that cannot be reduced in any way (Save Ends Both).

Goals of the Great-Razor of Letherna:
Purge the Archdevil Orcus and his cultist followers from the Cosmos.
Destroy those who defy or pervert the natural order of Life & Death.
To aid the Raven Queen in becoming the one true Goddess of the Dead.

Starting Score: 5
Owner Gains a Level, +1d10
Owner Recognizes the Raven Queen as their Chief Deity, +2
Owner’s Racial Origin or Class Power Source is Shadow, +2
Owner or Ally Slays a Creature Affiliated with Orcus, +1 (Maximum 1/Day)
Owner Expends souls from within the Great-Razor of Letherna, +1 (Maximum 1/Day)
Owner Defies a Directive or Tenet of the Raven Queen, -2
Owner Falls to 0 Hit Points or is Put in the “Dying” State, -2

Moving On:
“I have fed the Razor it’s fill of mortal life.”

The Razor can only exist on this plane for as long as it’s Lady permits. The wielder has been a supreme Harbinger of Fate, but more than enough souls have been collected and the blade grows weary. When next the character gains a level, the Razor disappears, returning to the Shadowfell to rest and work up a new hunger for life. If the Razor is at least Satisfied on it’s departure, it leaves behind a +6 Frost (or Icingdeath, if allowed) Fullblade for it’s champion to make use of in it’s absence.

Roleplaying the Great-Razor of Letherna:

The Great-Razor of Letherna is just as mysterious as the dark lady who forged it. Through it’s blade, it channels the Raven Queen’s cunning whispers that only it’s wielder can hear. It urges the bearer to slay the enemies of the Raven Queen’s principles, and it stings harshly at the life-force of it’s host when ignored.

So, in short, my character is an Evil Blackguard (Vryloka) who worships the Raven Queen. Eventually he will become a "Marshal of Letherna", and the Raven Queen gifts him the Great-Razor to fend off her castle from the onslaught of Orcus' undead army.

What do you guys think? Balanced? Broken? Remotely interesting? Can I use it?