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I'm trying to build a Fighter/Warhulk. I have a budget of ECL 9 to use for race. I'd like a large race, as strong as possible, but without sacrificing too much Int or Dex. I can't layer templates. Currently, my best option is either Ogre or an Anthropomorphic Animal from Savage Species. Any suggestions?

Strength and Large size are the most important things, Fast Healing would be a nice addition, if possible.

Thanks in advance. 
Since you can use SS, you can get the Feral template. Gives you fast healing, Str boost, among other goodies. Using it on a Large Antropomorphic Animal you will get what you want.
I can't use templates.

I'd go with an anthropomorphic baleen whale if it's allowed.

On the high ECL end, urskan (Frostburn) is +4 LA, 5 HD, +24 str, +2 dex, +10 con, +2 int, +2 wis, +2 cha.

m... you know that Antropomorphic Animals ARE templates right?

Basically, I'm using Ritual of Vitality, but my DM won't allow it to add templates. He already approved anthropomorphic animals, though. 
Why Int?  You do know that Warhulk ONLY allows for use of Str-based skills and Intimidate, right?
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