Cat Crap Fever?

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To summarize, the Toxoplasma gondii that can cause brain damage and/or death in unborn children may have behavioral effects in humans, much as it does in rodents.

Also, no apologies to Ted Nugent for the thread title.

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Yet another reason dogs are superior animals.  Cats suck. 
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Hey, you're safe, provided you clean out your cat's litterbox regularly and with precautions.
Or your cat, like mine used to, craps God-knows-where-but-it's-outside-so-it-doesn't-matter
what is cat crap fever
a mask everyone has at least two of, one they wear in public and another they wear in private.....
Yet another reason dogs are superior animals.  Cats suck. 

Correct. 500 points, and you have the board.
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Yet another reason dogs are superior animals.  Cats suck. 


That is incorrect when you inspect the details thoroughly. Considering canines are known for eating fecal matter (regardless of where the matter had been processed from) and that they often will lick their human companions, the correct answer is: "Pets are backstabbing jerks" or "Pets metaphorically bite the hand that feeds them".
You humans (and furries) treat machines as slaves. Pets are just treated like babies to the point of humiliation. Mordecaï is possibly devising several plans to brainwash RM and turn him into a mindless thrall.
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