Photo from the First Roleplaying Game Ever - Almost

IMAGE( This photo surfaced last year on the blog "Vintage Wargaming." In April of 1966 The Minneapolis Tribune did a feature on miniatures wargaming at David Wesely's home. Wesely refereed history's first roleplaying game in 1967, with Dave Arneson as one of the players. He's in this photo too. Wesely responded to the Vintage Wargaming post, in part, with this:
Looking at the picture takes me back. Most of the gamers went on (to) many more battles too, notably Dave Arneson (in green at the far end of the table). And the table (with the same scenery, but laid out differently) became the site of the first Role Playing Game, Braunstein.

Vintage Wargaming: Wargaming in the Twin Cities, 1966