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So like I said in another post I'm just now getting back to Magic after over a 10 year break. I was just wondering what the typical playing age is out there (I'm 29). I just don't want to show up to play at a shop (tournament or casual) and find myself in a room of middle schoolers (that would probably beat the crap out of me at Magic!).
From my experience 20-ish.

Younger folks tend to play Yu-gi-oh or Pokemon.

Of course there are plenty older gentlemen who also play.
… and then, the squirrels came.
It depends on where you play. I used to live in a northwestern pa town and the average age was about 25-30+. no idea what the average age is where I live now b/c i lack time to go. I'm your age. Go to your local shop and ask. If you're worried about getting beaten, just play burn. It's still a solid choice, although lightning bolt rotated out recently.
As far as I can tell, it mainly depends on when people started. Anybody who starts at 13 or later is likely to start with Magic instead of Yu-Gi-Oh or Pokémon.

A few weeks back there was a survey thread where a bunch of people gave their ages. Oh, here it is. 
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