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I played a monored fling deck pre-rotation and it was really fast and won about 80% of game 1s but it always had trouble in g2 and g3.  After loosing goblin guide, kiln fiend, and lightning bolt, I decided to rebuild the deck with green and focused less on the combo but still fast reliant aggro.


4* Birds of Paradise
4* Immolating Souleater 
2* Llanowar Elves
4* Priest of Urabrask
4* Skinshifter
4* Spin Engine
4* Strangleroot Geist


4* Assault Strobe
4* Fling
4* Shock


4* Panic Spellbomb
3* Shrine of Burning Rage


4* Copperline Gorge
5* Forest
4* Mountain
2* Rootbound Crag 
Part of the problem seems to be a lack of big creatures. Also, Unnatural predation from Mirroden Beseiged should be in your deck. It's one green and gives +1/+1 and trample. I'd replace Assault Strobe with it. Look through Gatherer for creatures with trample. IMO that's one of green's strengths. Fireball or Devil's Play might be good additions. You may also want to add more lands.
Id switch Rootbound Crag and Copperline Gorge counts around go x4/x2 and not x2/x4 cause later in the game Rootbound will help alot more {for somereason I get real lucky to get lands like Copperline quick and in one deck I only ran one}

not big one the preist. yeah it pays for itself but for a 2/1 in a fling deck for 3cmc I'm not to into it. Wall of Torches imo would be better cause of the 4/1 or 2cmc would work better and if you needed it late game i could take out something bigger.

land is a must. I dont like the 15 even with the elves and the birds maybe cut creaturs down to 3 (minus the birds) and add some more land. 7/7 isnt much but a improvement. maybe find a way to add Goblin Arsonist in the mix. you can fling it if you need to or block with it why you have to.

Also glad you have a deck like this. IDK if this works they way I read it but Chandra's Phoenix should probably find its way into any fling deck. cause its addition cost sac a creature, then deal damage. so if it works right Summon it/Attack/Fling/Get back (Someone tell me if this is right or not)

hope this helps
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