I need mini's and cards

I have around 200 total either cards without minis or minis without cards, and I am looking to buy their matches. No luck on retail sites, and I am just wondering if anyone knows where I might be able to do this? Thanks! 
By any chance, are any of the minis-without-cards commons or uncommons?
I'm sure there are some people around here with extra sets of cards they may not need.

Getting the minis may be a bit more difficult, though.
Actually, most of the miniatures that I have without cards are rare or very rare. If it comes down to it, I can find the cards online to print, finding the miniatures without cards is harder though. Do you know of anywhere else besides trollandtoad.com or coolstuffinc.com that I could find minis without cards? I found about 30 that I needed between those sites, but that still leaves me with a bunch. Thanks!
Go to www.bloomilk.com or www.swmgamers.com . Those are the two biggest sites dedicated to SWM, and each of them have a trade section in their forums. Each trade section has an Orphans List where players list their incomplete pairs. You can then trade for or purchase the counterparts you need from other members on the sites. Keep in mind that some R/VR cards might be harder to find, particularly those of the more valuable figures like Revan and Vader's Apprentice Unleashed (There are also more minis than cards floating around too due to all the Hong Kong ebay accounts selling minis stolen from the factory).

Also on SWM gamers are the downloadable pdfs for the virtual sets, which are tournament-legal cards you can download and print out. They are played using proxy figures (The reccomended mini is pictured, but any mini of the right size will do if agreed upon with your opponent).
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