Los Angeles, CA--Looking for a Permanent 4E Group

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I've been playing 4E every week at a local comic book store for the last few months.  I've had a great time, but I'm starting to get a little worn out on the randomness of the experience... there hasn't been a single time where I was in exactly the same group (i.e., the exact same players with the exact same Dungeon Master), so continuity has been a big issue.  When I played 1E, it was me DM'ing the same four guys for six years; I'd love to be in a group like that again.

I've got about half a year of 4E under my belt, and I know the system very well... I'm one of those people who reads the books cover-to-cover, then re-reads them a second time.  So far I've only been a player, but I'm cool with DM'ing (I have six years experience with DM'ing another edition, so I am confident I'd be a good 4E DM). 

I'm available Saturdays and Sundays, and I can host if need be.
We have an ongoing D&D 4th ed.campaign using Terraclips extensively (3D maps), and we just had a vacancy come up - anyone from the orange county CA area out there interested?
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