How to paint this?

I built it out of insulation foam, glued some sand on randomly and painted. First I painted everything with black, then with a dark gray. Later I just drybrushed with a lighter gray to give it some texture.

Do you have any tips on how to add color? I heard you can use a sort of color wash? I've put a lot of work into this baby and don't want to ruin it now Smile

Man, what amazing work you did.
Love your sculpt.

Man, what amazing work you did.
Love your sculpt.

Thanks. I'll probably upload a video of the finished model so stay tuned!  Cool
That is fricken crazy cool! My inner DM has already designed a dozen encounters based on that terrain. Please make sure you post a video of the finished product. Thanks for sharing.
Absolutely amazing! I cannot even think of what would make that any better. I make pieces also, out of a expensive plastic resin. I cannot imagine making this though! Where or how did you come up w/ the design?
Good job!
The piece was inspired by Weathertop from Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. I wanted scenery for an epic fight I've been planing for my group. We played yesterday and it was amazing. I tried to design it so playing on it wouldn't be too difficult, and it wasn't. The rogue immediately hid behind a pile of rubble, the fighter lunged into combat while the wizard was blasting minions from afar... good times. Smile

I need to get some things in order first (I'm an architect), but I'll definitely post a video of the finished piece by the end of next week. Thanks for the praise guys!
As promised: The finished piece of terrain I started to build about two weeks ago. I built it for my gaming group, and used it for an especially epic encounter. It's a temple that sits atop a mountain. The local farmers call it Dragontop, and it was the home of an ancient black dragon that used to rule the island a thousand years ago...


Please comment. Thanks!
Now that's a really cool piece of terrain. I wonder what kind of paint you use on foam. And how much it took just to paint it all with all shadows and lights.
I spent about 36 hours on the whole thing. To paint foam gaming terrain builders usually use acrylic paints.
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