New DnD Player looking for group

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Just want to preface this by saying I am an absolute beginner, never played any pen and paper rpg before.

I, however, want to start playing dungeons and dragons, and know noone who shares the same motivation.

I don't mind what edition it is (however I am more familiar with 4e in passing), or how it is played.

I do have slightly retricting play times however (if applicable), weekday mornings plus Saturday & Sunday evenings (times GMT).

I really appreciate any help etc. 

Hello, We have a game using the ravenloft setting you'd be welcome to join. It's 3.5 rules and play by post so restricting playtimes don't matter.

We prefere character interaction and roleplaying over strict rules, so it's fun and would be an easy way to catch right on to things.  you could start in really quickly. send me an email or join the group if your interested. hi_im_gourry @