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Let's trade hilarious stories of watching an opponents card backfire on them.

My most recent.

3 player game, my opponents have like 20 creatures between the two of them, one casts Horobi, I follow with Quicksilver Elemental, and cleared the table.

                                                                                                                                                                                        <----- Loser.

I jsut shared this story, but it was funny.

I had Awakening Zone with 5 Eldrazi spawn, and I played Vicious Shadows and passed turn.  The next player played the blue preator, the one that limits all our hand sizes and lets him draw 7 cards a turn.  Much groaning was had.  At the end of his turn, when he drew 7 cards, but before he discarded (Between End step and Clean-up step) I sacced all my Eldrazi to deal 45 damage to him, killing him instantly.  

What makes it so cool is I put Vicious Shadows in the dect SPECIFICALLY to combat Gin-Ataxis and Consecrated Sphinx, and boy did it pay off! 
Guy casts a sith turn Felidar Sovereign and starts to gloat, I cast Desertion.

                                                                                                                                                                                        <----- Loser.

This was in constructed play but still an awesome story.

Boros Burn (me) vs. Myr Deck

Myr guy does the whole Dark Depths thing and swings for 20 flying indestructible yada yada yada. I have a freaking out goblin. He started to walk away and then I was like... 

...Boros Fury-Shield.
I got one from a multiplayer game. I was using my Ur-dragon deck, one player had mono green, and the other was R/W. Well, basically the R/W cast Razia's Purification so I kept my Sneak Attack and a couple of red mana sources. My next turn, I sneak out an Ulamog, and swing at the R/W player, dropping them from the game basically.
My EDH deck:
I have one where my card backfired on me. Playing a 3 way with my Maga deck, Godo, and Shakashima. I managed to land and protect Liliana Vess for enough turns to go ultimate, getting back 50+ power in creatures. Then Godo dropped Insurrection.

Needless to say, Godo took that one home.
Not sure if this is a true backfire, but here it is:

Last night, after a very long battle, it was just me and two other guys. One (my pseudo-ally) was playing a prototype R/B/U Nicol Bolas Deck that had been unable to really do much of anything the whole game. The other guy had a G/U/W Rafiq deck with Rafiq on the field with every "Sword of __ and __" (You know the ones)  attached to it. He had pulled this out by turn 7-8, amazingly, and the only reason me and the other guy survived for many turns after that was thanks to my handy Spike Weaver, as well as Forgotten Ancient (who was supplying it with counters). After a long stalemate, when I'm a turn away from giving my 20 counters from the Ancient and putting them on my Vish Kal, Blood Arbiter and swinging to win, Mr. Rafiq pulls out a board wipe (Creatures, artifacts, enchantments). I wiped, and in two turns he returned Rafiq with a few Swords and killed us both.

Afterwards, I realized that I had forgotten about my Dauntless Escort, who was on the field when the wipe happened, and if I had remembered to sac him, my creatures would have lived and next turn I would have won the game. I wasn't angry; I just thought it was hysterical that such a little thing can mean the difference between total loss and total victory. Now, however, I have promised never to forget about my dear Escort ever again. I also love Spike Weaver for keeping me alive. 

Funny stories, by the way!,

~Mr. Mirage 

This one happened to my opponent.  We were in a pretty long intense game he was playing Kresh the Bloodbraided and I was playing Progenitus and progen is in the command zone.  He it 16 life and plays Pandemonium and passes turn.  I go play prgenitus andDread Return a Vorosh, the Hunter for a good game.  I’m sure that was not his intention

Using withered wretch I removed everything in my opponents graveyard except Phage the untouchable Cast  Exhume GG haha.
I have one where my card backfired on me. Playing a 3 way with my Maga deck, Godo, and Shakashima. I managed to land and protect Liliana Vess for enough turns to go ultimate, getting back 50+ power in creatures. Then Godo dropped Insurrection.

Needless to say, Godo took that one home.

Was that me?

Not that time, but I wouldn't be surprised if something similar happened when we were playing.
4 man game, Mono-green player has Omnath, Locus of Mana equip'ed with Swiftfoot Boots out, and due to his Doubling Cube, and Gauntlet of Power on the boards, Om-HULK is getting out og hand fast.
Im playing Kresh, and is prob as dead as the rest of us, if I didnt have my Abyssal Gatekeeper to make me the worst target to kill. Everyone is looking worried, and I play along with the "we're all gonna die, and there is nothing we can do about it" mood. Down goes the two other players, and when Omnath then comes for me, Krosan Grip his boots, Delirium Omnath, hitting for a few hundred damage, gg.
I had one happen to me, and it was pretty funny...

I have Timewalk effect on Eye of the Storm with brainstorm and my opponent's are tapped out:  I haven't put teferi on the stack and didn't in response, dunno why.  I think, game, eh?  I cast another spell, in response to that he sac's his Academy Rector and put's Curse of Echoes on me...  I lose basically in the long run.  It was a stack nightmare.
LOL I was playing against someone who must of just started EDH, Best backfire ever!

turn 1 he says "Your gonna lose now" he drops Karakas.

me: "good game"

Fastest EDH win I've ever had, I mean seriously I didn't even have to play a card.

                                                                                                                                                                                        <----- Loser.

LOL I was playing against someone who must of just started EDH, Best backfire ever!

turn 1 he says "Your gonna lose now" he drops Karakas.

me: "good game"

Fastest EDH win I've ever had, I mean seriously I didn't even have to play a card.

I'm a little confused. What happened here exactly?

Nevermind. Banned card is banned.

I am Blue/White
I am Blue/White
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Here's another one from me. I had two buddies playing two of my decks, and I was watching how they play. My Thrun deck got early ramp and had my Ur-dragon on the ropes. The Thrun player got a bit cocky and dropped an Oblivion Stone. Ur-dragon's turn he dropped a Phyrexian Metamorph, targeted the stone and blew it up in one turn. That reset allowed Ur-dragon to take over and win. It was kinda funny to watch.
My EDH deck:
Here's one that happened yesterday. Me and three other are playing with Riku of Two Reflections, Rafiq of the Many, Mayael the Anima and Animar, Soul of Elements as general.

After quite a few turns, the Rafiq player dropped Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir into play. Later, he ended up with with no card after dealing with several attacks. The Animar player make one of the harder infinite loop to do: casting Warstorm Surge and then casting Chancellor of the Spires targeting Rite of Replication in the Rafiq's player's graveyard for infinite damage while the other player and me are unable to react because of Teferi.

Edit: I'm not sure whether this is legal or not, but as it is a casual game, nobody really want to press the issue.
Just had one today, ended when the Riku player got Chancellor + Kiki-Jiki out using Time Warp in an opponent's GY to do infinite turns to bash us all out.
Guy taps out to play Mindslaver, I draw Copy Artifact YAY!

                                                                                                                                                                                        <----- Loser.

Was playing one-on-one, other guy droped Curse of the Cabal turn 4, then i droped Witchbane Orb right after, it was horrible.
Was playing one-on-one, other guy droped Curse of the Cabal turn 4, then i droped Witchbane Orb right after, it was horrible.

I actually had a very similar game once, however, my turn 6 play was "with the 'remove a time counter' trigger on the stack, cast Krosan Grasp targeting witchbane orb".  That was satisfying.  
I have Winding Canyons and Palinchron out with Caged Sun but have nothing to do, my general is sitting there with Freed From the Real on her and I've had a Crown of the Ages out for ages.

Guy casts Living Plane and he has a City of Brass on the table.....really? okay then die!

                                                                                                                                                                                        <----- Loser.

my friend was playing Jhoira of the ghitu he suspends an apocalypse. Next turn I steal Jhoira and suspend an eldrazi to pop after he exiles everything... He scooped.
It was a two-headed giant game of Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind and Ghave, Guru of Spores vs Olivia Voldaren and my Atogatog.

The Ghave player had just cast Genesis Wave for over 40. I had my general, Sarcatog, Mycosynth Lattice on the field and an Atog and Fling in my hand. The next turn, I would play the Atog, have him eat most of my lands, have sarcatog eat my now filled graveyard, sac them both to Atogatog, and fling him at an opponent for the win.

Then the Niv-Mizzet player played Teferi's Puzzle Box.

In the new hand I drew Megatog and Rite of Consumption.

The Rite hit for 73 that turn.
Playing 4dh. Friend drops in Forced fruition. Guy playing Zedruu the greathearted drops in his reliquary tower. He's got the only answer to the stupid fruition. So as a little incentive to make him do something, I Helldozer his tower. 

He discarded so many cards that turn 
Rain of Gore He brought it apon himself
Ah, playing Heidar against Olivia, Sphinx, and Sapling of Colfenor.

Sapling is attempting to cast Mana Reflection, and I bounce Heidar to my hand in order to cast Commandeer for its alternative cost.  He's about to cry until we realize that he has a lot more to cry about--Sphinx player has Gauntlet of Power out naming "Blue."  I also have Caged Sun out.  I'm piling in mana like crazy and manage sixteen spells in one turn with the help of Leyline of Anticipation, Teferi's Puzzle Box and Gush, with the sixteenth spell being Mind's Desire.  Unfortunately, nine of the cards revealed were land and the rest nothing good enough to make an impact.

Of course, the Puzzle Box had made me an enemy the turn I played it.  The turn after I play Mind's Desire, I get hit with Blood Tithe, which is enough to kill me.

Oh well...
An opponent of mine was running Naya weenies.  I was getting overwhelmed, and my in-hand removal spells weren't going to help me survive unless I got a Day fast.  With his creatures hexproofed, and pumped, my opponent cackled, and dropped Glory of Warfare for the finishing blow next turn.  Then I drew Elesh Norn.  That, with my in-hand Divine Offering, provided some much needed breathing room, and a charnel house on his field.

Still ended up losing, but it was a lot less lopsided than it was setting up to be.
Rain of Gore He brought it apon himself

I too have seen someone lose for playing that card. 

                                                                                                                                                                                        <----- Loser.

One of my favorite wins.....

It was a four-way EDH game, I was using Dralnu, Lich Lord as my general, u/b, a few counters, lots of sneaky stealing stuff, lots of weird cards to combat others' plays.  My buddy was playing a group hugs deck, so I cast Trade Secrets on him, and asked him kindly if he would let me draw until I got Reliquary Tower, which he of course obliged.  I ended up drawing like 30-40 cards before i got it, then played my tower.  

So at this point, the counter deck (me) had a 40 card hand.   One of the other guys, who we all call Epic Ryan, as he behaves exactly like a Pokemon Trainer or a character from a Yugioh cartoon (extremely exaggerated reactions to opponent's cards, says things like "Oh yeah?  Well how bout THIS ONE!" before he plays spells) decided he wanted to kill me.  He was playing Scion of the Ur-Dragon, and had a few guys out.  He continually tried to play spells to hurt me, about 10 in all, every single one of which I countered.  See, Group Hug guy had out the enchantment that says "You may discard a card that has color X in it to cast another spell that has color X in it without paying it's mana cost".  So all my counters were completely free.

Eventually he said "Ok I'd like to see you counter THIS ONE!" and tapped out for a huge Banefire, for exactly my life total (36).  I thought he had me, and as I dug desperately through my comically huge hand, I felt the curtains closing in on me.  At last I came upon Redirect, and started laughing as I redicted his uncounterable Banefire back at his face, leaving him at 1 life.  He cursed up a storm and passed the turn.  

During my previous turn, I had cast Enslave on one of his dragons.  The player after him went, then the next guy, and when my next upkeep roled around, the Enslave pinged him for 1 damage and killed him.
I have been playing a The Mimeoplasm deck for about 2 or 3 months now.

I took some cards out, maybe 10 or 15, but it is pretty close to precon stock.

Anyhow, I have these Incarnation cards in my deck, Genesis, Brawn and Wonder

Now, almost everybody knows about Genesis and almost nobody knows about the last two, especially Brawn

"Dude, I blocked your Extractor Demon. It doesn't matter that it has all those +1/+1 tokens on it. It doesn't have Tra..."

"Brawn in my 'yard, sir."

"But that Trample damage only puts me to 19 life!"

"No, it puts you to 21 commander damage from The Mimeoplasm. I attacked you earlier in the game with my Commander for 12 damage, remember?"


Wonder in the graveyard has occasionally came back with Tornado Elemental and a ton of other flyers and killed my whole board. I lost to a Living Death off of having a Wonder on the board with a Tornado Elemental and a bunch of 4 to 6 toughness flyers in my graveyard.

"What the hell? Why would he cast Living Death? I've got like 40 power worth of sweet flyers in my graveyar...."


Used Wrexial to use his Demonic Tutor to fetch Ashen Powder to use on his Massacre Wurm, he died due to his tokens from Grave Titan.

                                                                                                                                                                                        <----- Loser.

My opponent confiscates my Nicole bolas pw and activates it, I mortify n go ultimate
I know this is a bit of a necro, but Necromancy was involved so I think its okay!

Late in a 5 player game a guy casts Damnation (theres ALOT of creatures on the table) I respond with Necromancy to my Academy Rector sac it to High Market for a Grave Betrayal and kill everyone within my next 2 turns.

I'm loving this Grave Betrayal card, its probably my fav card from the new set.


                                                                                                                                                                                        <----- Loser.

Opponent makes 40+ tokens, with Dauntless Escort on the field, ends turn.

I untap, Rakdos Charm.

EDIT:  And one that happened to me - Playing Rosheen Meanderer cast Earthquake for obseen amount, potentially killing everyone at the table.

Opponent Crop Rotations into a Glacial Chasm FTW. :|
So I used to run Dralnu, Lich Lord.

My Omnoms running friend who is my chief 1v1 partner, is very fond of dropping enormous token swarms via Various means.

I, understandably, was very fond of Reins of Power.

In one particularly nasty play, I managed to reins, kill one opponent, Time warp, and kill omnath, sealing the deal.
On the flipside, I also ran pact of negation, which is quite excellent with free flashback.
He liked to answer with acidic slime for one of my blue sources.

Sure taught me to be greedy.
I loved playing my kamahl, fist of krosa when there are huge boards and somebody wraths...i often have 3 or 4 mana doubling effects, allowing me to desroy all lands but my own
Ah, remembered one more.
Also in Dralnu, I ran All is Dust to deal with enchantments and pws.

I had a bad habit of turning my brain off when going up against a friends' eight-and-a-half-tails deck.
I think the funniest thing I've seen was when there was myself playing Dralnu, Lich Lord and Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite and a Riku of Two Reflections. I'd been struggling a lot in this game, my counterspells hadn't come up and riku was comboing off, and played Mirror Gallery, now Id already acquired both opponent caged suns and had mine down too, and I cast blatant thievery and twincast a kicked rite of replication, now with 11 elesh norns on my board. I won the following turn. The funniest part is he was going to do similar with Riku.

Another good game was a guy cast Time Stop only to have one of the ohter players cast Delay with clockspinning on isochron scepter, funniest time stop ever...
11 Elesh Norns? They'd all die. Seems counterproductive.

Current EDH Decks: Radha Timmy, Oona exile/mill, Edric aggro, Marath tokens, Uril Voltron, Ertai counters, Sek'Kuar sac engines, Ezuri elf tribal, Oloro life gain, Zedruu tokens, White Mikaeus indestructible, Riku allies, Ghave synergy, Momir Vig Simic to a fault, Zur pillow fort/extort, Cromat artifacts, Rafiq aggro, Nekuzar zombies, Prossh creature beats, Roon ETB/bounce, Garza Zol vampires.




11 Elesh Norns? They'd all die. Seems counterproductive.

Mirror Gallery makes sure they don't die from Legend Rule.
Someone once played a bribery on me on turn three. His target.... Blightsteel Colossus

Needless to say, that card was removed from my deck immediately after the game. 

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