Source Book for Moons of Athas (Dark Sun Campaign)

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Perusing the Cosmology section of the Dark Sun Campaign setting it mentions the moons of Athas, Ral and Guthay.  It also mentions that the moons have wilderness and ancient gates existed on Athas that linked to the moons.

The concept of going to the moon sounds neat to me and my players so I'm here asking if anybody has heard of any source books or Dungeon/Dragon magazine articles about the moons of Athas.  From any edition.  (I've incorporated 2nd ed. source books into the 4e world.)

Or any suggestions for how the moons of Athas could be in comparison to the desert world?

I searched the internet for anything on this and I don't think there is anything beyond what is said in the campaign setting.  So make it up as you like!
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