Two Weapon fighting with shurikans

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Sup guys. I had this idea for a shurikan master concept. (human ninja 5/ swashbuckler 3/ fighter 4/ Master Thrower 5/ Assassin 3) and I just got a quick question that the books wrote about vaguley.

If I acquire the Two Weapon Fighting Feat, can I fight with 2 shurikans and throw them? It doesn't specify melee or ranged. So would I be able to get an off hand throw with a -2/-2 penalty with that feat?

I appreciate the feedback. Thanks in advanced.

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Yeah, I should think so. TWF can work with thrown or even ranged weapons (e.g. hand crossbow).
You can use your "off-hand" to throw weapons if the weapon in it can be thrown.

If I use the more universal example of having daggers in both hands you CAN throw both of them using two-weapon fighting.  Of course that leaves you disarmed which is what Quickdraw is for and if you have multiple itterative attacks you could continue to Quickdraw thrown weapons and throw them until you run out of attacks.
Note that you don't need Quickdraw for shuriken since they're treated as ammo for that purpose.
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