Having a Non-English Card in a Sanctioned Tournament?

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So me and a friend have been in an ongoing argument for over a year now and I'd like to put an end to it, lol. I've been collecting since Prophecy, and playing since Judgement, and he's been playing since Invasion, and we've both gone to many tournaments that are DCI sanctioned, and he swears up and down that if you have ANY non-english cards in your deck, you have to have an english copy available so your opponent has proof of what it does, and that it HAS to be a card, and not showing an image on an iPhone, etc... 

Now in all my years, I have absolutely never had any problems, EVER with this. And when saying so he said that it was weird, then said that it was a newer rule in the last few years. Can someone please provide me with proof (IE, a link) that proves that you don't have to? Or is he right?? I can't fathom the dude that I know with his 4x japanese Jace the Mind Scupltor had to buy a 5th in english so he could play with his other 4... 

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Any player can request the Oracle text for any card.

You don't need to carry around an English version of a card.
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If you want a specific rule, it's in this document, the Tournament Rules, in section 3.3.
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