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This thread is to discuss Pro Tour Dark Ascension, which begins Friday, February 10. The three-day live video webcast begins at 2 p.m. ET on Friday. To find the start time in your time zone, visit the webcast home page.

The Pro Tour formats are Standard and Dark Ascension/Innistrad Booster Draft, with a Standard Top 8.
Re: the conversation currently taking place with Aaron Forsythe covering Avacyn Restored - 
It's a shame we'll only get to draft it for a month and a half, both in stores and competitively, before it's swept aside in favor of (yawn) the latest core set full of vanilla dudes and effects and newbie chaff like the lucky charms.  I would much prefer to see Avacyn Restored drafted competitively until the Fall 2012 expansion.  Why bother developing third sets for Limited if they'll be so quicly dismissed?

Re: the possible return of team limited -
PLEASE don't do this at the expense of solo limited.  Solo limited is already increasingly playing second fiddle to constructed.  Several consecutive US GPs (what, five?) being Constructed is a travesty.  US players like to play sealed and draft too.  Please keep it 50/50.
Loving the live coverage. Nice sharp cameras. Good screen layout. Yay.
Finally good coverage, good job WOTC.

One thing that could still use still work in the live coverage of matches is the camera work. We still get far too many seconds of camera focusing on players faces, hands or other irrelevant things when there is actually some action happening on the table. This has always been a problem for the T8 webcasts and it's still present.
Is that interview with Aaron viewable somewhere?
Agreed 100% with av.313 and I've shared this sentiment before.  Stick to the board exclusively while the match is in progress.  Show their faces, the background art, etc. Only in between rounds.  StarCityGames is doing this right in their Open Series coverage; WotC ought to follow suit.
Finally... I guess you realized that people like the SCG thing.

Now get rid of BDM as a moderator please.
Paulo vs Blohan:  BDM "He's got a hinterland hermit in play."  (It's actually a bane of hanweir) "It must attack and must be blocked".  Uh..... ?

Is that interview with Aaron viewable somewhere?

They have the entire video coverage here. The interview with Aaron Forsythe is right in the beggining.
There are 10 types of people in the world: Those who understand binary, those who don't and those that didn't expect this joke to be in base 3.
Listening to Sheldon doing play by play makes me think of an old time radio baseball broadcast (that is a good thing IMHO)....and as a huge Zac Hill fan, we need more of him laughing at things people don't get.  you can always use more chats.
Math isn't that hard. <_<





If both 34s win, we get three 38s and five 37s. If both 34s lose, we get one 39, three 38s, three 37s and one 36. If one 34 wins and one 34 loses, we get four 37s and one less 39 or 36, depending on which 34 wins.

Only one 36 was going to get screwed by having to play, and that turned out to be Paulo. Both 34s need to win - and if they do, they're in. All the 33s need Jesse Hampton to lose (poor guy :P), and if he does, one of them makes it.
Listening to Sheldon doing play by play makes me think of an old time radio baseball broadcast (that is a good thing IMHO)....and as a huge Zac Hill fan, we need more of him laughing at things people don't get.  you can always use more chats.

*thumbs up* First hand experience, he is a very awesome guy. Used to play with him back in the day in Memphis. Had a few buddies who did a little of this and that at PT's but never got to his level who were the snobbiest punks when it came to Magic. Zac was never like that though. So glad to see him in development of the game now.

First time watching a PT event through webcam. Watching Finkel TD the captain was great. Though he was going to lose that match after the early life lead.

Pocket cameras. place a camera by where the deck goes, so when a player draws a card, the commentators know exactly what's in hand. 

Seriously, that will single-handedly take the coverage from good to great. 

The one frustrating aspect to the current coverage setup is when announcers don't know what the cards in hand are.

What did Kibler topdeck g4 semis vs Finkel?  I heard Rich Hagon exclaiming 'unreal!' but all I saw was Kibler's face.  I had just then tuned in.

It's like if the camera had been on the offensive line during Jermaine Gresham's flip against the Cardinals. 
He pulled a Whipflare off the top and had one in hand and was able to then wipe the board by casting both of them on the same turn.
Kibler pulled out a miracle in those last 2 games.  I still can't believe he didn't block.  He thought he had it and didn't slow things down and think.

Galvanic Blast and Whipflare were the two MVP's.
He didn't block because he was more worried about Kibler dropping an Inferno Titan post combat than thinking he would have 3 galvanic blasts.
Best Pro Tour ever! From top 8 competition to coverage, simply awesome.
I'm sure someone will do this better in an article later on, but I thought I might as well share this here. In case anyone is interested, I looked through all the posted 18 points or better Standard decks to get the following metagame from the Pro Tour.

  • UW Humans: 13

  • Delver Blade: 13

  • Wolf Run: 12 (9 RG, 2 “Conley,” 1 Naya)

  • Birthing Pod: 8 (4 Naya, 3 Bant, 1 BG)

  • Delver of Spirits: 7

  • GR Aggro: 7

  • Gravecrawler Aggro/midrange: 6 (3 mono-black, 3 BR)*

  • Mono-green beatdown: 3

  • UB Control: 3

  • Illusions: 3

  • Esper Control: 3

  • Champion Delver: 3**

  • Tempered Steel: 2

  • BW Tokens: 2

  • GW Humans: 2

  • 5c Unburial Rites: 2

  • UR Delver: 1

  • Grixis Control: 1

  • Bant Midrange: 1

  • Grand Summoning: 1

  • Naya Aggro: 1

  • RUG Control: 1

  • GW Midrange: 1

*Its quite possible none of these should be grouped together, since the only thing they all share in common is a Gravecrawler strategy. All of them seem to have been build independently, and can play out very differently.

**My name for the decks that augment Delver of Secrets with Champion of the Parish as an additional aggressive 1-drop. Also, while I split them up into three different archetypes, there were a full 23 UW Delver decks.

Profile picture by Mackenzie Schubert
My first time watching a PT having come back to Magic after an absence of about 15 years (web coverage was pretty poor in 1996...) and found it utterly compelling. It helps that Kibler v Finkel was one of the games I got to watch (topdecking Whipflares AND grabbing three Galvanic Blasts? Unreal), but it really hooked me in. Good work from all involved (once the initial streaming issues were resolved).
Can someone help me understand this analysis?

The second table does not seem to match the rest of the tables. For instance the second table says that birthing pod had 106 matches and won 60.38% of its matches while the last table detailing pod says that it won 41.13% of its 141 matches. There is a similar discrepancy for each of the archetypes evaluated.

Edit: I see that the birthing pod table is actually a copy of the tempered steel table. However the second table still does not match any of the later tables.
Dear Wizards:

The extended coverage was very nice to have, but there is still plenty of room for improvement!  I'm sure you aren't working on an unlimited budget, but there may be a few good ideas you could consider on the (relatively) cheap.  Matteo wrote a thought provoking article on black border concerning the coverage.  There are many great suggestions there in the article and the comments.

For me, the biggest thing missing from the coverage was post-match interviews.  E.g., in poker tournaments they do quick exit interviews with players right after they are eliminated.  Why aren't you interviewing Finkel after the semifinals loss, or Paulo and Kibler after the finals?  You could even do interviews with superstar players throughout the first few days after featured matches.  These sorts of interviews would add a ton of depth to the coverage.

Matteo's central idea, though, was to add a super talented and knowledgeable magic player (i.e. a pro) to the coverage team.  BDM and Hagon do a great job, but it'd be nice to get inside the head of the pros a bit more (and also lower the chances of missing plays like the Estratti bluff).  What if you had paid LSV to sit in the booth with you after he was eliminated from this pro tour?  That would have added a TON to the coverage.

Thanks for all of the coverage, and keep up the great work! 
Yeah, I am sure Finkel wanted to talk about his match right after that debacle.  As for the Pro in the box, the commentators were excellent...heck they saw the potential before the players did on several occations.   Watch that Finkel/Kibler match again and note their analysis.  Quite good IMO.  The coverage was excellent.  The streaming was sweet.  The tons of hours of gameplay was superb.  No complaints here.
One point that has been raised is having multiple overhead cameras for the matches, so watchers can pick the game they want to see. I would've liked to see the Pod match in the quarters. Could've seen Delver and Wolf Run the rest of the time. 
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