DM Support for Rituals

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One thing I really have liked in 4th Edition is the Ritual concept, but after playing a couple of years now, I realize that my players have seldom/never actually used a ritual. Some item creation yes, but rituals have never been part of the story elements in any major way. Having done the H1-P3 Conversion, I do not think I have seen WotC use the ritual concept in their published adventurers as well, at least not in any great way. Looking in the DM handbooks there is also very little support as to how to add story elements that requires ritual to solve. Traps, monsters, terrains, etc. there are support for, but nothing for rituals that usually happens outside battle.

Has anybody seen an production or work that gives some guidance as to how to build story elements or encounters were Rituals play a prominent role.

I could imagine a number of examples based on Level; type of obstacle; example of obstacle; ritual that could solve the problem

Level 4: Door; Passing through magically locked door (Knock)

With such a simple list it would be quite simple to try to add this components as you build the adventure, securing that the players actually get some use for the rituals they have bought.