Wanted: More DM Guidelines

I'd like to see the 5e DMG give more concrete guidelines for situations that DMs have had to guess at previously. Namely:

  • Complex encounters. If the hobgobins in the next room over kick in the door three rounds into the fight, how hard is the fight going to be? Harder than if the players faced each group individually, but easier than if they fought them all at once, but beyond that, who knows? I'd like to see the developers playtest these kinds of situations and come up with a rough idea of the difficulty.

  • Weapon creation. How does a 1d6 weapon with Brutal 2 stack up against a 1d8 weapon with nothing extra*? I'd like to see some point-buy-type method of creating weapons that are balanced against the default set, so that my players can have meteor hammers and guisarme-glaives without them being codified in the book.

  • Random adventure/plot creation. 4e's "basic quest seeds" (DMG pg 102) is a good start, but I'd like to see a random sideplot generation guide for when you need to improvise. Roll for basic structure, twists, and so on. This would be especially useful for those of us who love Sandbox/Hexcrawl campaigns.

Any similar guidelines and tools you would like to see in the 5e DMG?

*Incidentally, they have the same average damage, but the 1d6/brutal weapon has a much smaller range. The 1d8 has the advantage if crits work like they do in 4e.
Rhymes with Bruce
Maybe the guys at Critical Hits would let them talk about the 5x5 method of adventure design.
I definitely want a random dungeon generator like the one in the 1e dmg. 
It would be good to have both general broad advice AND have actual technical tools/strategies/options to use.  I think DMing scares off new players because they see it as too hard (which it can be!!).
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