What do students at Morgrave University protest?

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Greetings, all. One of the features of my campaigns in Eberron is that whenever the PCs go to Morgrave, the students are protesting. Why? They're students, and that's one thing students do.

So, I'm seeking suggestions from all of you Eberronites out there. What sort of stupid, naieve, or funny things do you see Morgrave students demonstrating for/against? 

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57019168 wrote:
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Serious things
The stealing of artifacts from their rightful owners, tomb robbing and selling of culture.  Which are all things Morgrove stands rightfully accused of.
Tution hikes (if they are actually hurting students like Dang now I can't go to school because I can't afford it)
Treatment of Cyran refugees
Treatment of Warforged
Treatment of second class citizens (the poor)
Corruption in the Government (Sharn more then the Breland itself)
Silly things 
 Tution hikes (similar to 1st world problems or Dang with these tution hikes I can't buy an Ipad)
Alright I can only think of one off hand but its a start. 
Goblin rights,
Skycouch fairs,
Too much rain (vs. offices of the raincallers guild).
I offer five relatively quirky scenarios of the sort that one could conceivably see if the insanity of the post-modern college campus existed at Morgrave University. I'm sure if you've been on a campus the past few years, you'll probably nod sagely at least once, having seen something similar before.

Heisenberg's Principle of Villainous Uncertainty
The Students for Alienist Thaumaturgy Action Network has taken to the quad to protest the institution of new decomination procedures to be undertaken following interaction with Evil Outsiders who have been bound by the Departments of Mabran, Fernian, and/or Risian Studies. SATAN argues that the alienist's job is probing the unfathomable psychology of Evil Outsiders and a buffet of dispels invariably disrupts that by purging any charms or compulsions which the studied creatures deploy; the University simply wants to avoid a repeat of a student attemping to kill staff members while singing about stabbing small, furry rodents with polearms and arcane headgear.

Fuzzy Wuzzy Was an Owlbear...
The Department of Druidic and Natural Magics has, for several decades, maintained a successful owlbear breeding program as part of its research into what created the beasts and the development of best practices to control their populations in the wild. Recent events have forced a fiscal retrenchment within the Department, and the school's owlbears are to be liquidated. A group of sympathetic students and a druidic attache from the Eldeen Reaches' mission in Sharn have joined forces to petition the University to release the owlbears into the King's Forest rather than put them down, and have taken to make nuisances of themselves until their demands are met.

Better Late Than Never! ...And the Later, the Better
The Genj'aanamar -- the Society for Vindication and Restitution for the Age of Shame in Darguul, though it loses something in translation -- is a nationalist goblinoid student organization campaigning for reparations to Sharn's goblinoid denizens, for three thousand years of perceived mistreatment from the time of Malleon the Conqueror until the signing of the Thronehold Accords. They have taken to the quad and established a prominent illusion tracking the amount that the Brelish government "owes" each and every goblinoid in Sharn, complete with a running tally that updates itself continually to reflect the exorbitant interest rate the Genj'aanamar have established for themselves.

Don't Take It Off! Don't Take It Off!
A group of professors and students with research interests pertaining to Syrania have taken to the quad to express their discontent with the campus's culture of raucous carousing and carrying-on. The school's reputation precedes itself, and it's reputation as an academic haven for the slovenly, promiscuous, and less-than-reputable have reached the ears of the haloed residents of the Azure Sky's great crystal cities.  It is hard enough dealing with parochial and borderline xenophobic angelfolk without the baggage that comes with being the home away from home for wardrobe malfunctions and shady treasure hunters turned academics. (Finding out is what makes the halos stop fulminating about you getting their clouds dirty and start putting an end to your getting their clouds dirty.) All the protestors want is a few less arrests for drunken disorderly conduct on campus grounds, along with fewer reprimands from the Brelish government about being an accessory in the receipt of stolen goods: Is that really too much to ask for?

Dueling Protests for Fun and Profit
The quad is on the verge of erupting into open warfare between dueling protests and counterprotests. A group of politically correct students have been pushing the University to reclassify how necromantic activities are categorized and studied by grouping Karrnathi and Aereni animation of the dead together: The rationale being that the Karrnathi are creating their own variety of deathless, and should thus be free of the stigma that is traditionally associated with necromancy. This sparked counterprotests from both Aereni sympathizers and the necromancy professorate, intent on remedying the factual error of the initial protestors. Now the campus is awash in protestors of one faction or another, increasingly frenzied in their advocacy and potential for civil disobedience, with the administration caught in the middle.

...my one regret? I couldn't come up with something lampooning pot legalization or Occupy Wall Street. Ah well, those kind of write themselves. (The image of a dragonmarked individual crying, "WE ARE THE 1%!" is quite amusing.)

[Edit: Apparently the language filter does not like "c u m", even when used in the Latin context of describing a transition from one status to another. For shame, Wizards. For shame. Passage editted to fix that.]
[Edit: Apparently the language filter does not like "c u m", even when used in the Latin context of describing a transition from one status to another. For shame, Wizards. For shame. Passage editted to fix that.]

Interesting... the students at Morgrave university protests the installment of a new Sivis censorship eldrich machine which prevent certain words from appearing in scrolls, papers and library books. The machine was originally intended only to protect faculty by preventing the addition of explosive runes to submitted papers but the censored list of words was recently increased (this can coincide with the recent guest lecture of the Riedran ambassador).
Hehehe. I like the way you guys think.

However, yeah, a lot of the stuff isn't too far from what you see on actual college campuses. Which just makes it all the more entertaining.

One of the ones I've already done is protesting the enslavement of elementals (elemental binding). 

Gold is for the mistress, silver for the maid

Copper for the craftsman, cunning at his trade.

"Good!" said the Baron, sitting in his hall,

"But Iron -- Cold Iron -- is master of them all." -Kipling


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57019168 wrote:
I am a hero, not a chump.
I don't have time to do anything on the scale of Juums' excellent post. I'll throw in a few thoughts:

The Theocracy of Thrane. There is a segment among the faithful of the Silver Flame who believe political entanglement distracts the Church of the Silver Flame from its true purpose and is a direct source of corruption. Obviously this is more relevant in Thrane, but there's followers of the Flame across Breland. Let your voice be heard! Likewise...

The Occupation of Thaliost. Students in Nation A protesting human rights violations occurring in Nation B? Seems like a classic to me. Alternately, someone could have picked up a pamphlet on the Path of Light and gotten all inspired (hmm, poor choice of words or just right?) to draw attention to the plight of the Adarans in Sarlona.

The Brelish Monarchy. Boranel needs to start working with the people to transition out of the archaic monarchy!
Another possibility could be that a Morgrave poffessor started a Cult of The Dragon Below or something similiar and the students (former members) are protesting to it being shut down per say.
Charlemegne: Freedom of religion for a Cult of the Dragon Below? Well done! And welcome to the Eberron boards!

Keith: Always a pleasure to have you chime in. Your third goes wonderfully with an active Swords of Liberty, and the second is a good one for any campaign. 

Gold is for the mistress, silver for the maid

Copper for the craftsman, cunning at his trade.

"Good!" said the Baron, sitting in his hall,

"But Iron -- Cold Iron -- is master of them all." -Kipling


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57019168 wrote:
I am a hero, not a chump.
Thanks for the welcome it's a pleasure to be apart of it
I have them in suits and sipping tea and coffee holding debates etc.  The protests come from middle class upbringing. I don't presume the middle class in the school. I treat it more like a Victorian setting. 

For yours though....

The Harpywalk - a forum of goblin and other monstrous students to get out and walk for equality.  

A demand to publish the results of the crowns investigation of the events that caused the mournland. "Free Access to the Cyran Whitepapers". "I hear they won't publish because they were stolen last week, it's a shame too because the author was found dead in that Brothel on the weekend."

A fundraiser to collect money to find Proffesor D'Rilgard, lost on the expedition to...

"Protest, this isn't a protest, we're here to send the lads off to kick arse at the Skypolo championships." 
I can see this happening. 

Protests in favor and against occupation of the contested land around lake Brey.  It is a well known fact that there is territory in dispute in Breland.  Thrane claims it and Breland claims it.  One group of students are protesting the Brelish occupation -- saying that the Brelish there kick Thranites out of their homes and burn down the buildings.  They want King Boranel to stop the unlawful occupation of what they say belongs to Thrane.

Another group is protesting the first group, saying that the Flamers (an explicit epithet for the more fanatical followers of the Church of the Silver Flame) are forcibly converting the poor families of Breland by the Sword.  And those who don't are dispossessed of their homes and their homes burned by the Flamers.

(based on what is happening in Israel).

Druids for Humane Medicine (DHM) are protesting the mass production of "snake oil" cures by both House Cannith and House Jorasco.   The reason is, Jorasco clerics are in short supply and thus drugs are needed to relieve pain and suffering.  The drugs they are producing include Eberron equivalents of Acid, Meth, Asprin, Ibuprofin, Heroine, Lunesta, and Celalis.  The Druids ironically say natural herbs and medicines can provide cures, and that these manufactured medicines are terrible for human health. 

The EBERRON LIBERATION FRONT (E.L.F.) are a group of students in Margrave University that protest and attack Cannith factories.  Most people think that they are just whiney little rich kids who want attention. ELF are actually a cell that is covertly led by a coven of druids who are part of the Children of Winter. (Earth Liberation Front right there)

Protest Korranth are a group of students that are studying Business and Finance, and are protesting the glass ceiling that House Kundrak has in place for non-dwarves of the House of Kundrak.  The dwarves are being accused of racism.  Still, the dwarves of House Kundrak want to keep the upper echelons pure and rely on those with the Mark of Warding to keep the money safe and tight.
(there's Occupy Wall Street)

 The Fringe Science Guild is protesting that their research is being held back and not taken seriously.  Although the "Fringers" as they are called are a Student club that espouses such crazy theories as The Universe is Electric! and Gravity is based on Electricity!  

They are protesting the fact that they don't always get funding for their experiements with Electricity.  One of them is even developing a way to distill electric power from the Etherial Plane without magic! (oh the horror!)  However, they would be treated seriously if most of them didn't complain about the strange goings on with the local sentinels from House Denieth.  Some of them can be seen with tin foil hats ("They stop the Denieth Sentinels from reading my mind!") and other such foolishness.  Some of them even claim that there was a Civilization of Aventus! (yeah, right.)
(Note: the Electric Universe theory is a real theory based on careful observation on Space Phenomena.  It's a counter theory that seems to hold all the cards against the Big Bang Theory.  However, it's on the Fringe and not accepted by the Mainstream.  But it's gaining popularity throughout the world.  The other parts of this guild lampoons Conspiracy Theory nuts who do wear tin foil hats). 

People for the Moral Treatment of Warforged (PMTW) are a group of Students that are not protesting against Warforged, but for increased rights of the Warforged.  This group wants equal treatment of Warforged, holding that they are Sentient and capable of strong emotion and are not to be treated as a source of cheap (re: slave) labor.  They advocate for Warforged rights, and seek to advance Warforged as an equal part of society. (This is based on an ideal NAACP). 

The Maidens of Firelight are a group of students who want to make whoring as their profession.  They want Margrave University to pay for their birth control pills.  Never you mind that 20% of them are changelings. 

The Nudists of Margrave are protesting the right to be naked in Margrave University at any time and most anywhere they choose.  They are opposed by the Maidens of Firelight; but most folks oppose the Nudists because they think they are in collusion with the Maidens of Firelight.

Finally . . . 

Students of the Gatekeepers are protesting wanton unchecked development in Breland, and they want King Boranel to expand the borders of the King's Forest to include rainforest under consideration of development.

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