Wait a second; did I just roll a 1 or something?

    Personally, I love campaigns with lots of Force users… they all can’t be glimmering Jedi. Is it not fun to throw out a swindler, prankster, or someone off-her-meds into the mix ever so often? Perhaps you have a detective story going and need some different NPCs. Throw out a Rodian with a unique or memorable Force power to break everyone’s stereotypes or foreshadow some future event by shaping the focus with the ever present power of random….

    Feel free to contribute talents, feats, Force Powers or what ever you feel comfortable with, that manipulates a situation uniquely. Perhaps fresh GMs may visit this repository of silliness when they seek to throw off their more learned players. Or perhaps more legitimate inspiration shall be found in these satirical tomes for others.  

   You know, stuff that you don’t really want going on during battle, but may be interesting or humorous things to have happen to break the pace. The trick is not to dig too deep. Just consider a situation you may have seen, or somethiong from a book or movie that made you laugh.

    The powers or affects listed in this thread need not be considered for ‘player’ selection, instead think of them as GM tools to make an already universally dynamic experience even more unpredictable.

     So, for our first little off-the-wall contribution… The Charlatan that cried Wolf… or as the A-Team     would say “create a diversion”




Gory Nub [Mind Affecting]
   You use the Force to firmly plant an image in your opponents mind of a grievous injury on your person, usually a missing hand or blaster wound, that is convincing to most sentients. Time: Standard action. Target:  all creatures within 2 squares and line of sight that have an attitude better than hostile towards you.
   Make a Use the Force check and compare the result to the targets Will Defense.
DC15: If your Use the Force check equals or exceeds the targets Will defense, they enter a state of near-panic and concern as they fully believe that you have suffered serious bodily harm.
   Affected targets are distracted and suffer a -1 to their Will Defense until they a combat encounter initiates or you are no longer in sight of them.
DC20: As DC15 except, targets suffer a -2 penalty to their Will Defense.
DC25: As DC15 except, targets suffer a -5 penalty to their Will Defense.
DC30: As DC15 except, targets suffer a -10 penalty to their Will Defense.
Special: If you have the Illusion talent, you may spend a Force Point to affect additional creatures out to a range of 12 squares. This more theatrical endeavor allows one to create a more overwhelming Illusion that can affect the immediate environment around you by adding elements like pooling blood, splatter, or any other specific happenings that will make the situation more distressing.


GM Note
   A creature that is targeted by this power and with a Dark Side Score greater than half its wisdom score…should be less inclined to fret over the mess and either get a +5 bonus versus the UTF check targeting his will defense... or dare I say it, add her DSS as a bonus to their targeted Will Def. This logic should also be considered with Characters focused in Treat Injury.

    A creature that is affected by this power may see through the ruse by more closely examining the wound. If a creature makes a successful perception check, or treat injury check (equaling or exceeding a DC is set by Use the Force check when this power was activated) against your wound, That creature is no longer affected by this power.