Recruiting for a new Play by post, Strategy game.

Hello everyone, Im new to internet gaming, but I have a table top RPG that I am trying to convert to a play by post. It is a strategy game. the players will run a nation or group and fight for controll over land and/or rescorces. The goal is yours to set and my planet is yours to rule. The game is set on a planet much like earth. It is named Yara, but instead of having several contonents there is only one large contonet. I have put a lot of time and effort into making this game as fun as i can while keeping it as close to reality as i can. Basic physics and logic apply to the rules. If it can be done than you can do it. Wars are simulated with the utmost care. The game dose not require charicter stats or rolls, you are the charicter and your actions are based off of real time. I auto-run nations if I have no orders from that nations ruler(only for defensive perposes). If i do have orders I useually ask to have a plan for continued action incase you cannot give me more orders at a later date.

My role is to serve as the advisor, and lower commanding class of officers to your army and nation. You tell me what to do and it is my job to see it done to the best of my abilities. I also serve as the moderater and Ruler of my own nation. I ensure that the game is as fair as it can be for all, and that everyone has a chance to become a power.

Because of the freedome and circumstances I could not possabely giveĀ  you all the information on all the different elements of the game, however if you did have questions or comments i am always open to new information and ideas.

It should also be noted that it is easy to rule over people, but it is hard to run a good strong nation. You should expect the game to be hard at first as you will more than likely be trying to gain independece and build your nation. As your nation growes stronger and independent you will find the game easier and all nations more than willing to support and bow to your power.

I'm not sure I conmpletly understand but I'll happily help you play est your game.