02/06/2011 Feature: "Knowing Where to Look: A Pro Tour Dark Ascension Preview"

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This thread is for discussion of this weeks's Feature Article, which goes live Monday morning on magicthegathering.com.
in the daysafter Pro Tour Dark Ascension we'll be putting together a longer-form video especially for all of you who like to play Friday Night Magic. We'll look at the weekend in-depth, bringing you detailed advice about all the major archetypes you could be sleeving up for battle at FNM, plus top interviews, behind-the-scenes goodness, and a host of features we just couldn't cram in across three days of gaming greatness.

Sounds good - I am definitely intrigued.  May I request/beg that it not be hosted by a puppet this time?  Frown

Your video coverage of events has gotten much better, and I really enjoyed the coverage of Orlando.  I've started actively referring people to watch to coverage.

One thing I noticed last time was that the sound quality was noticeably degraded.  It was painfully noticeable, because StarCityGames was running an event that same weekend, and clicking back and forth between the two was like night and day.  Rich Hagon's voice sounded like he was speaking through a megaphone from the distance.

Regardless, I am impressed by how much better coverage has become for events like this.  Integrating live chat and twitter feeds, taking questions from live followers, and having coverage and news about the decks and players people want to see...it's all great.

I'm looking forward to this weekend.
I am highly enthused about the video coverage for all rounds! Hopefully the video coverage can be uploaded speedily so that those of us who can't watch it live will also be able to watch & enjoy it - I rarely am able to watch the Pro Tour as it is being played but have always been sure to watch every video over the course of the next week or two as they have been posted.

I think this is a great step for us fans who may not play competitively but enjoy staying connected to the game and making it a continuing part of our lives even when we aren't shuffling up ourselves.
Same here, video coverage for all rounds is very good news! I'm going to watch way too much of this...