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I was hoping someone could clarify how the sustain works. I understand that the initial attack hits just one creature but the sustain minor says:
Melee 1, target the trigering enemy, requirement: the power of the malicious shadow must be active in order to use this power
Trigger: An enemy willingly leaves a square adjacent to the shadow on its turn.
Attack : Charisma vs. Reflex
Hit: 10 cold and necrotic damage, and the target is immobalized until the end of its next turn.
What im confused about, is wether any enemy leaving a square next to the shadow is attacked, or just the initial target.
Most other powers state that the target takes damage or other effects, this seems to say that any enemy would be hit.
Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
Any enemy that satisfies the trigger.  Traget: the triggering enemy means just that - any enemy who satisfies the trigger, is a valid target, regardless of who you initially targetted.  The secondary power is a separate power from the initial attack.

However, that is distinct from the sustain effect of the power.  The secondary power is an Immediate Interrupt, IIRC.
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Thank you for the reply, seems to be a really great first level power if you have a way to push enemies next to it, and someone drops a zone attack.
This power, like so many others in 4e to me, seems very poorly written.

As with many powers we need a set of use case examples to show us how the power works in several different situations.

Here are some questions for this power: 

1) Although the power effect description says the secondary power can be used at will the secondary power is follishly labelled as a daily and colored black.  For the intent to be clear (to me) the at-will power should be labelled as at-will and colored green per standard.

2) The power's trigger makes the power almost useless.  The stated trigger: An enemy leaves a square adjacent to the shadow on its turn.  This means that the enemy in question makes it to the next square before the trigger happens.  As a result, the malicious shadow is rendered almost useless.  For it to be useful as a 1st level daily it should have a trigger that reads: An enemy attempts to leave a square adjacent to the shadow on its turn.   That way when the shadow stops the target and does its damage they stay next to it and have to keep trying to get away.  If that is not the spirit of what was intended with this power then I consider this power fairly useless (like a lot of them).  

3) Just as wild conjecture I would also prefer to see the power as an opportunity action which seems much more in the spirit of what is going on here.  In this way, this daily becomes an external and ranged, but still limited version of the armor of agathys.  It suddenly becomes a viable alternative.  With just 1 immediate per round, the power lacks bite and falls far short of armor of agathys as a choice.  

4) In the case I have had happen several times, of a target being vertically above the shadow (due to infernal moon curse), what happens when they drop into the shadow's space?  Are the two 'creatures' now squeezed?  Why would the shadow care?  But unless this is stated it's hard to know what to do.  Further, now the target can move freely into an adjacent space because it is not yet adjacent.  Dumb wording.  In the spirit of this power I would rule the shadow is both unable to suffer the squeezed condition and able to attack the person moving from its own space.  The innovative warlock thus gets potentially 2 attacks on the mover.  This suggest the final proper wording of the trigger (for me): Any enemy attempting to move within range of this attack.  Now that's much better.  It rings true.  
1) The power is not labeled as a daily in the original source. Its an incorrect formatting in the DDi Compendium. Many Secondary powers are formatted that way. RAW While the shadow persists, you can use the secondary power through the shadow at will.

2) The triggering power is an Immediate Interrupt and as such it takes place before its trigger finishes, thus resolve before the enemy actually leave the square.

3) As an Opportunity action would have been better no doubt.

4) If the enemy is vertically above the shadow and moves, it will trigger the secondary power because it still leaves a square adjacent to the shadow. Also the enemy would be able to occupy the shadow's space without being phisycally affected like squeezing.
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