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Previous sessions had roleplaying, then combat at the end.  My players were caught by surprise when, after combat, there was still more roleplaying to be done.  I got the feeling that the transition from one to the other, can take a few more minutes than vice versa.


To make the Hamish/Argus "mind control" clue even bigger, I described the two of them as barbarian-type warriors, leather armor, huge axes, but with tiny Eladrin gold tiaras on their heads.  I let the players also try to snatch the tiaras off their heads to remove H&A from combat, since things were looking a little bloody for our heroes

The mirrored doors / mirrored lake also needed some ramping up in the clue department.  I had the surface of the pool never show a ripple, making it smooth and reflective even with characters entering and leaving the water

I had a good time, and look forward to the last couple of sessions.

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Another difficult week for both my groups. One group loved the puzzle the other couldn't figure it out. I'm not wild about puzzles that challenge the players rather than the characters as I discus in my write up.

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This combat was pretty easy for a table of four consisting of an avenger, swordmage, sentinel, and a hybrid rogue|bard. My sentinel and wolf companion managed to bloody both humans and convince them to stand down with high diplomacy rolls. The avenger took down one foe with two hits, used an action point, and charged another target, bloodying it.
RS: 60/60 CS: 60/60 RotS: 60/60 U:60/60 CotF: 60/60 BH: 60/60 A&E: 51/60 TFU: 53/60 LotF: 37/60 KotOR: 37/60 CW: 26/40 IE: 31/40 JA: 17/40 G@W: 7/40 DT: 7/40 Good trades with: Lily_Wan, creme_brule, suki_jedi_apprentice, Ephant_Mon
Bugger.  I totally forgot about

Soryth's Bloodstone
This crimson stone hums with fey power
Property: You and allies within 10 squares of you gain a +2 bonus
to saving throws against charm effects, fear effects, and illusion
effects.  You and such allies also take a -2 penalty to attack rolls
against one another.
Utility Power (fear) * Daily (Minor Action)
Effect: Until the end of your next turn, enemies within 10 squares
of you that use powers that have the charm, fear, or illusion
keyword take a -4 penalty to attack rolls with those powers
and cannot score critical hits

One of our players had that.  This is just as frustrating as forgetting the dang


in the previous maze
We had enough people for two tables this session! One of the new players from the past two weeks snagged the spare copy of the module and ran the other table.

The combat went fairly well. I particularly liked the boggle, and played it up that he was teleporting onto the back of the person he was dominating, then grabbing the person's arms and legs and manipulating them while kackling with glee! The players hated that. heh.

I gave him a couple of rounds to figure out the cleric was able to grant saving throws with her at-will, then he got nasty, hopping on the cleric's back and making her brain the fighter with her mace! He was already bloodied, so that put him down to 0 hit points, and the boggle gleefully teleported away when the cleric shrugged him off at the end of her turn.

The slashers just kept busy slashing, although the group prevented them from getting combat advantage, and Hamish and Argus got in a couple of REALLY good hits when their "when first bloodied" attack kicked off. Hamish hit the fighter, bloodying him, and Argus crit'd the cleric, doing 33 points damage, leaving her with 3! She was hurt so bad by that attack that I ruled she couldn't tell the rest of the group about the glazed look she saw in Argus' eyes... she was too busy screaming in pain!

The Xivort Shadow Caller did terribly. He couldn't hit with any of his attacks and eventually the thief and cleric teamed up to take him down.

They eventually knocked the twins unconscious, and killed the boggle and xivorts.

They too were thrown by the extra roleplaying and puzzle solving after the combat. They've been used to packing up and leaving right after the fights. Not that it was a problem. I just had to quiet them down again and keep going, and they worked out the trick to opening the gates in short order.

On to the Grand Hall!
Our Encounters group found the combat to be pretty brutal, as weel.  Well, except my table, the party only had 3 PCs dying out of 6 - instead of the 4 out of 6 at the other two. Undecided  Even so, the PCs were not in serious danger. Argus and Hamish were neutralized before PCs started falling, and even without a leader they were able to keep everyone alive until they got a short rest.

My full report is at . Along with our weekly podcast.  Innocent
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