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Ok so I was wondering about how to go about making a chainsaw. What thing I could make it out of and what would I need to make it?
(Disregard the following if you want to literally make a chainsaw in game: having your character construct the chainsaw) /endfirstreactoin

IIRC there is a weapon in the adventurer's vault that behaves much like a chainsaw... but if you want a real chainsaw as its own weapon, you could go about it a few ways.

1. Its own weapon category... quite complicated, may I suggest...
2. As a weapon in an existing category, like heavy blade. This saves you a lot of time with feat support and compatability issues.
3. As a tool (but it sounds like you want to grind zombies or something with it...), gives + to checks, simple. This could also be in addition to its functionality as a weapon.
I want it to be a effective weapon that can cause bleed dmg?
Rending Weapon.  Jagged Weapon.  These are two weapon enchantments whose flavour is basically 'chainsaw'.
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I want it to be a effective weapon that can cause bleed dmg?

Bleed dmg? Not a 4E term.

I'll guess that you want ongoing damage. There are a number of options. Turning to the online Compendium for items with "blade" and "ongoing", you'll discover the catch that ongoing damage is a daily power of the items. However if you also have other ways of applying ongoing damage through your weapon (including via implement powers), some of them are more useful.

The one that seems to me to fit the best is Wounding Weapon (level 4). It has the usual thing of a daily power (triggered when you hit with the weapon, and implement powers would count if you use it as an implement) to inflict ongoing damage. It also has the property that any untyped ongoing damage inflicted with the weapon (including using it as an implement) comes with a penalty on the saving throw.

Flensing Weapon (level 5) does extra damage (well, uses a larger damage die for the crit dice) on a crit against a Bloodied target. Its daily not only inflicts ongoing damage, but also causes the target to be considered Bloodied - no matter how it's doing on hit points.

If ongoing damage isn't what you have in mind... then I'd need more information.
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The Carnage weapon is pretty chainsawy. When you hit you *really* hit.

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I saw this and thought. . .. . . .

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