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I wanted everyone's take on Tribute to Hunger and Consuming Vapors with my being meta full of hexproof or pro black creatures. I've been testing out both with mix results. 

Consuming does have the chance of hitting twice, but I feel like it being my main removal spell it's too slow. 

Tribute is good, can't see too many down sides with it. Just it doesn't hit twice, lol.

So..what's  is the Modern community's take on this?
Run another color for your removal maybe? I'm not really sure what creatures people would play with pro-black, but I have a feeling they would still die to Path to Exile.


I could, but I take a a lot of damage from my own spells, so some creature kill + lifegain would be nice.
Well I guess it depends on the deck. And I think I remember there being a few other black spells that gain you life by killing dudes.


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