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The only store in my town that sells any WotC product is the local Wal-Mart. That said, there's a game shop in a town about an hour south of my town. So my question:

Is it possible to register as a TO, affiliate with the store in the next town and run events at the local community college?  

Or would the store have to set up a new venue and do all the scheduling and then just have me run the actual event?

Does anyone have any experience in bringing events to a town that doesn't have a retailer? 
This is a great question, that I have wondered myself.  The stores in my area that host games are just too far away to be able to participate regularly.  I was wanting to see about hosting encounters so perhaps more potential players in my area can get involved.

   It is possible to register as a TO with no stores around. The main thing is you have to have access to a public venue in which to hold your events. I just registered for my area, and it has no store. What I had to do during registration to be a TO is select no store but provide the name, address, phone number, and website for the location where I would hold the event.

Luckily our mall has a community room that can be used for events like this, and I can book it any time the mall is open. I haven't started holding events yet, but I hope to over the summer. I recently requested membership cards, and just received them last week. So, I've been registering new members and providing them their DCI info too.
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I have access to run games at the local College Library.  Last time I tried to get "support" it was "and sell product to be able to run the event"

My next option is 2 hours one-way...

I have yet to ask one of the local book stores to see if they can "host" an event


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