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Hey everybody. 

I have recently created five different wizard builds (actually one is a sorcerer) and would like comments or thoughts on how to further optimize them. None of them are fully complete, and I in no way am taking full credit for any of these characters. I know just about every part of each one of them is made up of optimization that was created by other people. I don't think I am a character optimization genius, but I am well versed in what has already been created. For the purpose of these characters please assume I have a very liberal DM. 


Magi 1- The Demon Binder

Human Conjurer 1/ Master Specialist 1/ Malconvoker 1/ Fiendbinder 1/ Incantatrix 3/ Malconvoker 4/ Master Specialist 9/ With Major Bloodline (Fiendish)

Important Stuff:

(Focused Specialist option)

(Augment Summoning and Rapid Summoning from Conj level)

Precocious Apprentice (1st level) Swap later for Extend Spell

Favored Contact (Human) Swap later for Persistant Spell

Spell Focus (conjuration) (Flaw)

Truespeak Training (Flaw)

Demonic Mastery (Bloodline 2nd level ability)

Scribe Scroll (3rd level)

Fiendish Summoning Specialist (Bloodline 4th level abilty)

Twin Spell (Incantatrix Bonus)

Item Familiar (6th level)

Mother Cyst (9th level)

Craft Contengint Spell (12th level)

Extract Demonic Essence (15th level)

I'm also using the variant for the fiendbinder that allows binding of demons and devils of CR equal to character level -2.


Magi 2- The Counter Speller

Dragonborn Spellscale Abjurer 1/ Master Specialist 3/ Incantrix 3/ MS 4/ Initiate of the Seven Fold Veil 7/ Archmage 2/ With Major Bloodline (Magic)


Precarious Aprentice (1st Level)

Favored Contact (Flaw)


Magi 3-  Psi Blaster

Dragonborn Grey Elf Erudite 3/ Beguiler 3/ Cerebremancer 3/ Mindmage 10/ Cerebremancer 1

I'm not sure what to do with this build at all besides Psiotheurgist?


Magi 4- The Kobold Sorcerer

Venerable Magic-Blooded White Dragon Spawn Dragonborn Dragonwrought Desert Kobold Loredrake (With LA buyoff) Sorcerer 2/ Mindbender 1/Incantrix 3/ Mage of the Arcane Order 10/ Fate Spinner 4/ Major Bloodline (White Dragon)


Magi 5- The Reality Bender


Gnome Illusionist 1/ Master Specialist 4/ Shadowcraft Mage 5/ Incantatrix 10/ Major Bloodline (Shadow Magic)


Gnome Illusion Spells (Gnome Illusionist 1)

Chains of Disbelief (Illusionist Variant)

Illusion Mastery (Illusionist Variant)

Focused Specialist (Wizard Variant)

Spell Focus (Illusion) (1st Level)

Earth Sense (Flaw)

Heighten Spell (Flaw)

Arcane Thesis (Silent Image) (Bloodline 2)

Skill Focus (Spellcraft) (MS 1 Bonus)

Earth Spell (3rd Level)

Shadow Weave Magic (Bloodline 4)

Greater Spell Focus (MS 3 Bonus)

Enhanced Shadow Reality (Bloodline 6)

Easy Metamagic (Heighten Spell) (6th Level)

Insidious Magic (Bloodline 8)

Signiture Spell (Silent Image) (9th Level)

Pernicious Magic (Bloodline 10)

Extend Spell (Incantatrix 1 Bonus)

Residual Magic (12th Level)

Tenacious Magic (Bloodline 12)

Persistant Spell (Incantatrix 4 Bonus)

Arcane Spell Mastery (Bloodline 14)

Empower Spell (15th Level)

Chain Spell (Bloodline 16)

Twin Spell (Incantatrix 7 Bonus)

Maximize Spell (18th Level)

Arcane Disciple (Luck) (Bloodline 18)

Quiken Spell (Incantatrix 10 Bonus)

Outsider (Cold) (Bloodline 20)


And that is all I have so far. I'd much appriciate any comments I could recieve as I continue to construct them. Unless, of course your comment is something along the lines of "Wow how broken. No DM would allow that." But anything else would be great, even just a "cool, good job."

1-What exactly are mayor blood (magic) and Magic-Blooded White Dragon Spawn 
2-I don't think the cebremancer early entry is possible. At least I don't remember something that let you manifest 2nd level powers at lv 1.
3-For the dispeler I'd recommend you to get the feats: Pyscarnum infusion, Soultouched spellcasting and Improved essentia capacity from MoI. You get another +6 (in theory, i don't know how your DM consider the essentia capacity with bloodlines.) to dispel checks.
Even entering with a L1 Wizard requires a... "very liberal DM"? Actually, I would say that by RAW, the Heighten Spell cheese is legit, including the Earth Spell entry; most of the other tactics are dubious at best. However, I'm not even sure if such tactics do exist for allowing early manifestation of higher level powers so you'll likely need Psion 3/Wiz 1 at best.

If you can get away with a spellcaster 1 entry, I like to use more specialised classes for Cerebremancer, such as Beguiler, Dread Necro, Sorcerer or Warmage - the reason being is that their narrow field can be offset with powers from the other class. Of course, the same does apply to specialist wizards (though the advice to dump Evocation for example is even more appropriate since you can always "nova" with your psionic side if need be).
Erudite with the Convert Spell to Power option (in one of the Mind's Eye articles) is great for this, though an Arcane Erudite is basically just great anyway, and even without CStP it's a strong choice.

Magic-blooded and white dragon spwan are two different templates. I cant remember off the top of my head where magic-blooded is from, but white dragon spawn is from dragonlance. Meant that to be Major Bloodline (Magic), which would be a custom bloodline. 

Yeah I've been looking and I can't find a way to enter cerebremancer early on the psion side.

Thanks for the Incarnum stuff. I have the book, I just totaly spaced it. Looks good and I think I can get the bloodlines ruled to count for maximum capacity.


Yeah I think I can pull off early entry on the Wizard side. And actually I like the idea of a Beguiler/Erudite a lot. I think I'll look into that. 

Thank you both very much for your input.