Minis and 5e - a Re-Release?

a conversation in my last thread got me really wondering about this.

since minis were axed right before i started playing 4e and they are growing more and more expensive due to rarity, will they be making a comeback in the next edition?

now, i know you dont NEED them, but i do enjoy the visual aid they provide.  in fact, ive made tons of little props for my dungeons out of bakeable clay that you can see here if you'd like.  ;)

but, yeah.  they seemed like such a great idea!  i dont know the whole story on the reason they got axed.  i do, however, have to suffer with the fact that they have been and that, if i want real minis, im going to pay a hefty sum of GP and its only getting worse.  

and god, you should see the mini my sister made out of clay for her halfling wizard, the thing looks like its got some real issues!  Tongue Out

logically, i dont see the next edition coming out without minis.  it would make no sense to me.  so, chances are, minis are going to be released again.  hopefully, at good prices too.

what are you guys thinking?  i havent heard anything yet on my end.  minis again?  yay?  nay?

i hope yay..  i just bought the dungeons of dread starter set and it was NOT easy and it was NOT cheap.

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Your clay props are awesome and yes, there's a new D&D Minis game coming out this year and it's called "Dungeon Command".

You can read more about this here.

while we're on the subject, i never understood the whole "miniatures game" i just thought u just used them as your characters in your battlemat as you play d&d.

isnt that a whole lot simpler?  i had no idea there was a seperate game for them.

and thanks for the compliment!  and the info!

by the way, i didnt mind the tokens much.  but they are also expensive and not as plentiful.  in fact, i use tokens to almost everything.  i mean, with the few i actually have.  and minis for our characters.

Your clay props are awesome and yes, there's a new D&D Minis game coming out this year and it's called "Dungeon Command".

You can read more about this here.

I am confused. Is dungeon command a line of miniatures for D&D or is it a separate game?

Can I play with my old miniatures? 
DISCLAIMER: I never played 4ed, so I may misunderstand some of the rules.
Just so that you know;

There's ALL KINDS of companies out there providing minis for RPGs & miniture games.
WoTC isn't the only source of minis.
Look up Reaper, Rafm, Iron-Wind Metals, Games Workshop, Black Orc Games (they make some cool samurai), Wizkids (pre-painted Pathfinder monsters - all perfect for D&D), etc etc etc.
Check out  LOTS of cool (if expensive) stuff there!

Most aren't painted though. 
(Is this really that big a deal?  I mean, you get to customize your minis as you like!  And what do you do if you have a pre-painted one from Wizards that looks poor??)

And some do require assembly.
(Again, is this all that bad? It's certainly not hard....)
You can even go nuts with the GW stuff using tiny magnets to allow arms/weapons to be swapped.

These other companies? 
Many of them also sell seperate bases.
Many also have superior sculpts.

In the end though?  Minis outlast even the best cared for books.  You'll have & re-use your minis for years upon years to come.  So why wouldn't you invest in the best ones you can? 


i have a few reaper minis, im not that much of a fan to be honest.  the bases never fit right, the pewter bends, and you have to really invest in decent paint since all my paint tends to chip badly.

the appeal to the actual WotC minis is that they have the acual monsters from the manuals.  and the booster pack system looks like it would have been exciting like baseball cards used to be when baseball was actually fun ;)

but i havent heard of monst of the other guys you listed.  since minis from WotC is a done deal as of this time, maybe i have to check those out.

a shame though.

thanks for the list, btw!  cant wait to look.

is there any new news in the release of new minis in light of NEXT?

i've spent the day looking for some minis for my groups D&D campaign and its just so frustrating.

when i cant find a female eladrin fighter.. it drives me crazy.  

what are we looking at in the future?  tokens?  minis?

I will guarantee you that Mini's are released for 5th edition.  Two reasons why.

1.  They've already said the Advanced rules will include tactical options,  which we already know is a euphimism for "Minatures".

2.  Mini packs,  especially randomized mini packs,  are a great source of income. 

They'll be back.  WOTC won't let that revenue source slip past them.    
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