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Blightbeast paragon path feature Blighted Wild Shape contains the following text:

"your attack evocations that have the beast form keyword deal extra necrotic damage equal to your Constitution modifier"

Since it doesn't say "Damage rolls" would I apply this damage to any instance of damage the attack deals? For example, the level 3 druid encounter power "flowing swarm" allows a shift post-hit. The rider on that shift states:

"During the shift, you can move through enemies’ spaces. If you move through the space of a target hit by the attack, that target takes damage equal to your Constitution modifier."  

Would I add the extra necrotic damage to that damage dealt to enemies whose spaces I shifted through?

Another example:   The druid lvl 9 daily "Flurry of stingers" has as an effect of the power that any enemy that starts its turn adjacent to me or moves into an adjacent square takes poison damage equal to my constitution modifier. This lasts until the end of the encounter. Would I apply the blighted wild shape necrotic damage to that damage, since it occurs as tthe effect of an attack evocation with the beast form keyword?

A third example: The druid lvl 7 encounter power poison sting says that the next time the effected enemies move, they take 1d10 poison damage. Do I apply the blight to that as well?

Basically a bunch of blight situationals to think about. My inclination is to say yes in all regards, but that's primarily a fluff reading of it - the hits have transferred a festering, blighted wound to the target which lingers and continues to affect them. I haven't been able to find anything in the rules that indicates when non-rolled damage modifiers apply and don't apply, save that they do on things like additional bounces of chaos bolt, the damage from moving in sorceror starfalls, and the like.     

Yep.  If they deal damage, they deal the extra damage.

Things which deal extra damage to non-rolled damage are often very powerful...
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