6 DKA or 3 INN/3 DKA for prerelease

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This is my first post, so i'm sorry if this is in the wrong place.

My local store is running it's pre-release tommorow and they're setting it up as everyone gets 6 packs of dark ascension for their sealed pool? From what i've been reading and seeing though it's supposed to be 3 inn and 3 dka right? I brought it up to him tonight at FNM and he said as a joke well you can do that if you want. So I was just wandering if the card pool is diverse enough to do that, or if I should take him up on the 3 each. I think it is more diverse and gives me more options to run 3 each but would like to hear everyone's opinion. (I would love to open up 6 packs of dka, but I think I would have a better shot with 3 each though.)
The 3/3 split is what Dark Ascension limited was designed for, and you'll probably find the most success with it. I don't think anything is stopping your store from doing crazy things like 6x DKA sealed though.

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I just got back form prerelase (here in aus we get it a day ahead yay timezones!. It is 3/3 yes but the cards work surberply together.
People who've played a ton of Innistrad draft already might prefer 6x DKA in order to play with all new cards, but I think 3/3 is fine. Innistrad has a lot of good cards in it, and they'll be quite relevant with the stuff from the new set.
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