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Hi im new to these forums but iv been an avid magic player since the invasion set, my gf is buying me sorin lord of innistrad and I wanna build a human\vamp token deck around it, thoughts and suggestions?
Il post the deck list I have so far shortly, need help with the spells though
What are you looking for in a deck? Are you aiming for a tournament worthy Modern deck or just something for casual? I'm assuming the later since Sorin really isn't Modern material. If so, then you probably want the casual forums.

Anyway, if the main focus of the deck is going to be Sorin, Lord of Innistrad and tokens, then you'll want to limit yourself to strictly white black. You could splash red given the good support for vamps, but I think two colors is more than enough strain on your mana base unless you've got the funds for good dual lands.

Speaking of which, what's your budget? You say your girlfriend is buying you the Sorin, but how much money do you have on hand for the rest of the deck? It's difficult to suggest a deck list without knowing how much you're willing to fork out for each card and what your intentions are for the deck (tournament vs. casual). So, not knowing your budget or intentions for the deck, I'll just suggest a variety of possible options so that you can have a basic framework for a deck.

Token Producers:

Bloodline Keeper / Lord of Lineage
Skirsdag High Priest


Too many to list, honestly. Plus, if you're going the token route, it's hard to tell if Bloodghast, Vampire Nighthawk, or Vampire Nocturnus would be good calls for you. That, and a lot of good Vampire cards are really heavy black, which makes it hard to run them in conjunction with white.

Without knowing some of the previously listed factors, I can't really be of much help. You might consider looking into some decks like BW Tokens, which is currently seeing play in standard. It'll give you a good idea of what you should be aiming for; token production and support backed up with bits of spot removal for control.
Yeah man, actualy im looking to make a tournament worthy deck. Im pretty sure b\w tokens with sorin and archangel tomb could actualy be competitive. Im going to try at least. Budget is around 100 but I want some other cards from new set also. Like I said il explain my idea with a card list shortly
4 thraben doomsayer, 2 skirsdag flayer, 2 skirsdag high priest, 2 lord of lineage, 1 reaper of the abyss, 1 sorin, lord of innistrad,
4 champion of the parish, spells unknown?
Okay, so your current deck looks like this:

4x Thraben Doomsayer
4x Champion of the Parish
2x Skirsdag Flayer
2x Skirsdag High Priest
2x Lord of Lineage
1x Reaper from the Abyss
1x Sorin, Lord of Innistrad

Alright, first off, you'll want to lose the Flayer, Lord of Lineage, and probably Reaper from the Abyss. They're simply too slow for the Modern environment. You'll be dealing with Zoo, Affinity, Storm, and Exarch-Twin decks, which are all quite fast. You may need to drop the Skirsdag High Priest as well.

It's a bit difficult making WB fit the modern profile. So I'll just give you a basic model to work off of. You can sort of piece something together by just utilizing the deck skeleton below.

You're going to need to kill stuff. That's a given. Lucky for you, White and Black have some of the best removal available in Modern. It's not cheap, but it'll keep you alive long enough to actually get around to doing some damage.

Doom Blade
Go for the Throat
Celestial Purge
Path to Exile

Among these you'll probably want to go with Dismember and Path to Exile. The others are okay budget options, but they'll never be as good as those two, except Smother which warrants a second look simply because it can kill a lot of what you'll be facing, especially in Zoo and Affinity. You can use Celestial Purge in your sideboard, but you may be better off saving those slots for something else.

Control Options
I don't think you can race Affinity, and I really don't think you can race Zoo. So, instead of racing them you might consider going with a more control-oriented deck, which will have a much better chance of restraining you opponent's long enough for you to actually establish some board position.


Inquisition of Kozilek

If you go the discard route, Inquisition of Kozilek is the best budget option alongside Duress, though Thoughtseize will always be the best choice, though it the furthest thing from budget friendly, so that is likely not an option for you.

Wrath Effects:

Another good option is to simply punish decks that utilize lots of low-cost, early game creatures by running effects like Wrath of God to wipe out everything they've got. You'll probably be in better shape to recover post-Wrath than most other decks you'll play.

Wrath of God
Day of Judgment

I didn't bother listing any others, because they're all pretty much not worth it when compared to these four. Wrath of God or Damnation are your best bets, but their bother fairly expensive, so Day of Judgment is a perfectly suitable replacement since it's much cheaper and functionally almost the same.


Oblivion Ring
Kitchen Finks

I'm listing these under control options because that's where I feel they belong. The Ring is one of the better removal/control cards you can run, and you should definitely consider either splashing it into your sideboard if not running one or two maindeck. Kitchen Finks is the bane of aggro decks. It doesn't really match the theme of your deck, but it is something to keep in mind anyway, just because it's that awesome.


Since I know what you're aiming for now (competitive Modern) I'll be able to better suggest cards for this particular avenue.

Lingering Souls
Timely Reinforcements
Gather the Townsfolk
Midnight Haunting
Spectral Procession
Beckon Apparition

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Lingering Souls is going to be an absolute must. Being able to flash it back means you'll have extra attacker/blockers which will be important if you're going to survive until late game. Besides Lingering Souls, it's a bit more up the in air. Timely Reinforcements is a great control card, giving you both tokens and life. It makes good sideboard material if nothing else. The other options are all good, though I'm not really sure which one to choose. Probably not Gather the Townsfolk but the other two are both solid. Beckon Apparition is a good, low-cost token producer that also deals with annoying things in an opponent's graveyard.


Honor of the Pure
Intangible Virtue
Leyline of the Meek

Hard to tell if you need these or not. Honor of the Pure can also boost your nontoken creatures, while Intangible Virtue allows you to go on the offense while still having blockers to keep yourself safe. If you were to use either of them, I'd go with Intangible Virtue, since the vigilance is going to help quite a bit. Leyline of the Meek is good too, though if you can't get one out with the opening hand ability it can be a bit of a letdown.


Elspeth Tirel
Elspeth, Knight-Errant

Both Elspeth's have always been firm supporters of token/weenie decks. If you were to include one, I'd use Elspeth Tirel, since she is a more control-oriented card option, and she better supports your token theme.

Doomed Traveler

A solid 1-drop that can provide you two blockers or an attacker that turns into a flying attacker when it dies.

Geist-Honored Monk

Good token producer that also doubles as a solid finisher, thanks to its ability to get very large in conjunction your token production.

Blade Splicer

Similar to Geist-Honored Monk except it hits the field earlier. Not sure if its viable, but I thought I should list it anyway.

Hero of Bladehold

A good finisher and token producer that also boosts all your tokens when it attacks. A nice option all around.

Thraben Doomsayer

A bit slow, but it can be powerful, though I don't like relying on faithful hour, since a lot of decks can kill you when you're at five or less life without much trouble.

Soul Warden / Soul's Attendant

Great option against any creature heavy deck, plus they work great in conjunction with tokens.

Apart from the obvious Plains and Swamp, there are a couple things you might consider.

Marsh Flats

You should run four of these. If you can't afford them now, make sure to get them later.

Isolated Chapel

You should run four of these. If you can't afford them now, make sure to get them later.

Godless Shrine

You should run four of these. If you can't afford them now, make sure to get them later.

Vault of the Archangel

You probably want one or two of these. They'll make your tokens that much more dangerous.

Windbrisk Heights

You should run four of these. They're great in token decks and can let you cast free spells.

So, to summarize all of this, here's a vaguely assembled deck list. This is, of course, just a suggestion and is far from what you can, or necessarily should, run. Just keep in mind that you'll want to think about something like this when you start building your deck.


1x Geist-Honored Monk
2x Hero of Bladehold
4x Soul Warden / Soul's Attendant

Other Spells:

3x Beckon Apparition
2x Dismember
4x Gather the Townsfolk
4x Intangible Virtue
3x Leyline of the Meek
4x Lingering Souls
4x Midnight Haunting
1x Oblivion Ring
4x Path to Exile
1x Sorin, Lord of Innistrad


4x Godless Shrine
4x Isolated Chapel
4x Marsh Flats
2x Plains
3x Swamp
2x Vault of the Archangel
4x Windbrisk Heights
What about stromkirk noble or sun titan? I really appreciate your input, would my deck be more suited to standard?
What about stromkirk noble or sun titan? I really appreciate your input, would my deck be more suited to standard?
Honestly, from what I've seen of your cards, yes, you're probably better off with in Standard. You could play Modern (WB Tokens is a viable strategy) but it would be a great deal harder to break into the environment and a great deal more expensive.

I'm not sure about splashing red into a white-black deck. To be honest, a vampire deck would have trouble splashing white. Black-Red Vampires is a deck that sees play, but I've never seen WBR Vamps. It would be a hard task to make the mana base work for something like that, and I don't see it being beneficial enough to try.

So, your best bet would likely be to stick with BW or RW. I prefer the former rather than the later, since you want to get use out of your Sorin.

4x Doomed Traveler
2x Skirsdag High Priest
4x Thraben Doomsayer
4x ?

2x Day of Judgment
3x Dismember
4x Gather the Townsfolk
4x Intangible Virtue
4x Lingering Souls
4x Midnight Haunting
1x Oblivion Ring
1x Sorin, Lord of Innistrad

4x Ghost Quarter
4x Isolated Chapel
7x Plains
6x Swamp
2x Vault of the Archangel

Once again, this is just a vague skeleton to give you an idea of what you're looking for. If nothing else, you definitely want to run Lingering Souls, Gather the Townsfolk, Midnight Haunting, and Intangible Virtue. You'd probably be better off seeking help in the Standard forums if you intend to change formats, as I don't play Standard so I won't be of much help.
Il post there as well but you had the same general idea that I did, in any case I appreciate the help and hope you accept my friend request
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