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ive this type of deck come up quite often recently in the videos of the pro circut but im still confused on the mechanics of the deck or the combos. so my question is what is a zoo deck and what does it do?
Zoo is an extremely aggressive aggro deck that utilizes low-cost, self-boosting creatures along with burn and utility spells. It's main strategy is to simply beat its opponents into submission before they can actually get anything going.

Your average zoo list used to look something like this:

It's a fairly straight-forward deck so there aren't all that many interactions to explain. The main ones though are these:

Knight of the Reliquary + Fetchlands: Knight of the Reliquary can easily become very large, very fast. By continually dumping fetch lands into your graveyard or sacrificing lands to the Knight you can have a 5/5 or 6/6 creature for fairly early in the game.

Turn one Fetchland into a dual land followed by either Kird Ape or Loam Lion (or in the past, Wild Nacatl) meant that you had a 2/3 creature on turn one. That puts your opponent on an extremely short clock and you could conceivably kill them by turn four or five.

Other than that there aren't that many interactions in a regular Zoo deck. People used to use Punishing Fire and Grove of the Burnwillows in some variants but with Punishing Fire now banned, there isn't really any point in explaining that.

There are other variants of Zoo such as Tribal Zoo, Dark Zoo (Jund?), etc. They're all pretty much just variations of a basic Zoo frame. I don't play Zoo, so I'm probably not the right person for explaining this. You might poke around the Modern forums for Zoo decks or maybe check out a primer somewhere for a more in depth analysis. Anyway, hope that helps.
ok that deff explains a lot. i think i understand it now. thanks alot
When you get down to it, the "zoo deck" in any format is the deck that aims to run as many of the best creatures in the format as possible. Traditionally this is red/green/white (as it currently is in Legacy and Modern), but it doesn't really have to be: the key is that it's the aggro deck that just depends on having better creatures than everyone else.
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