A suggestion regarding Mechanics and Digital Tools

May I suggest that the Digital Tools team be engaged in the design process from this point forward if they have not been already?  While I don't think the game should be designed with digital tools, or computer games in mind, the Digital Tools team can help the designers avoid pitfalls that will make designing digital tools and gamed more difficult, and will keep the tools from seeming like an after thought.

Kalex the Omen 
Dungeonmaster Extraordinaire

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Concerning Player Rules Bias
Kalex_the_Omen wrote:
Gaining victory through rules bias is a hollow victory and they know it.
Concerning "Default" Rules
Kalex_the_Omen wrote:
The argument goes, that some idiot at the table might claim that because there is a "default" that is the only true way to play D&D. An idiotic misconception that should be quite easy to disprove just by reading the rules, coming to these forums, or sending a quick note off to Customer Support and sharing the inevitable response with the group. BTW, I'm not just talking about Next when I say this. Of course, D&D has always been this way since at least the late 70's when I began playing.