Dragon 407 - Eye on Dark Sun: King Hanaksaman

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Dragon 407
Eye on Dark Sun: King Hanaksaman
by Rodney Thompson

Many travelers along the Road of Kings have been waylaid by the Exiles and dragged to their territory. Most of the captives who survive the expe- rience are brought before King Hanaksaman for a grand audience, an event that is cause for excite- ment among tribe members.

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Rodney, you ignorant (content removed).  You forgot to include stats for the NPC the article is about.  And you accidently put this Dungeon Article in Dragon Magazine.

But in all seriousness, this article really doesn't do it for me.  If you're going to talk about the history of Athas before the Sorcerer-Kings, you've gotta give me a little more than "this guy might be insane, he might be the real McCoy."  Does that mean he served Rajaat?  I get that this article seems to be touching on the 2E canon that of Rajaat's original 15 Sorcerer-Kings, Hamanu took the place of one of those.  I like that story, tell that story.  You could fit more text on the 3rd page to at least say "this is where I got the inspiration for this article."  I'm torn on the presentation of story hooks in articles and campaign settings.  Articles like this are too ambiguous to give me good ideas for an adventure, let alone a campaign or story arc.

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Vampire Class/Feat in 2013!

I prefer Next because 4E players and CharOpers can't find their ass without a grid and a power called "Find Ass."

Great Article!

Im sure it Will lead to many great mysterys in Athas!

(the exiles are a nice added bonus as well! ) 
All classic SNL references, aside, I reluctantly acquiesce to the fusing of the content.  Separation of the DM and player content is iconic, it's part of the game.  The 2E adventures had separate player and DM books.  Just don't try and ease us into it.  I hate having to scour two magazines for story and monster ideas.  I like one stop shopping, just fuse the magazines or continue keeping things separate but equal.

But great article?  It works as flavor for an interesting tribe of raiders.  For my game though, I don't need details on raiders.  They're a dime a dozen.  I want more hooks on this idea that Hamanu was not always a Sorcerer-King.  You've put the hook in the water, now bait it using the material you've already established for the campaign setting.  That means Rajaat selected another, was Hamanu always lowborn?  Give me some insight into potential aspects of his character.  I can hear them saying now, that's up to the DM to change as the DM sees fit for his game.  It would be bad to include this in the Campaign Guide but this is a magazine article.  It needs to help a bit more with the DM grunt work.  It simply doesn't have enough detail to inspire more than an adventure but the concepts it speaks to are campaign shaking.  A good DM will add the necessary elements to make this a great adventure, but a good DM really doesn't need the help.

Vampire Class/Feat in 2013!

I prefer Next because 4E players and CharOpers can't find their ass without a grid and a power called "Find Ass."

Not an insider, so haven't gotten a chance to read the article, but is there any character options in it? It looks from the comments that it is just story arcs, which I thought was what the dungeon magazine was for...
Except for a brief period at the beginning of 4E, Dungeon is and has been for adventures. This isn't an adventure.
I thought the article was awesome. I leaves enough ambiguity for DM's to customize how the story will play out. Maybe in my campaign the ex-sorceror king story is true but maybe in your campaign the phylactory story is true. Dark Sun has always been flavored with mysteries about the past and this article continues that tradition. Personally I thought it was fantastic and might borrow the whole plot for my main (non-DS) campaign. Good job Rodney, love Eye on Dark Sun. Keep em coming!

p.s. - I couldn't care less if this is Dragon or Dungeon, as long as we keep getting them.
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