good online tools from the start.

I would like to see good online tools like the 4th edition characterbuilder, monsterbuilder anc compantium right from the moment of release.

but i am afraid we won't get it.
maybe they'll start implementing tools later on like the did with 4th.

but personaly i think tools like these might disapear as in 4th edition they where too good.
basicly get DDI and haver have to buy any monsters manual or splat book ever again.
so i assume they will restrict this some how in 5th edition.
Good online VERSATILE tools would be really nice... I still need a third app to run Character Builder on my iPad. Now that tablets are more pervasive than before, tools that run on them, as well as smartphones, would make a really nifty addition to the game.

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They should really look into making the next incarnation use the free to play model. Allow people to download the character builder and create 1-3 level characters for free. An insider account allows people to make characters at any level. 
They really do need to have at least a Character Builder at launch.

And there's no reason for them to not have it, save they are incompentant. I'm not saying they are. Just that failure to have even that is a bad sign.

It's going to b DDi all over again if they can't get their act together on this aspect.

It can't be a levels 1-3 only. It can't have important missing features. Like a campaign filter that I can share with my players. The ability to share characters with your DM. The ability to customize, like items. Items that still work with the math of the character.

In short, a fully functional Character Builder.
I think they really need to remember that an Insider account is going to be used by Players, and DM's, and sometimes these people play together. You should be able to join Insider accounts into play groups, for a localized group of home-rules and material exceptions.

For example, I should be able to have an Insider group my players can join, and a house-rule set that they have access to so when they go into the character creator, they can see what races or classes I am disallowing, what books I don't want players to be able to draw material from, perhaps house rules such as "all players get +2 to their Con score" or any other such things, with relying upon external means to communicate those.

As well, it would be really nice if the Character Builder allowed house rules easier, and would be GREAT if they let you select from the beginning what sources you wanted to draw from.

Also, having a complete encounter builder - able to, with one tool, decide an appropriate XP budget, pick monsters, arrange them, and then print out a page that is concise, neat, and easy to read with as many monsters as you can fit on there, with the ability to export to pdf - would be absolutely fantastic.

The virtual table-top is pretty much useless to my group, and it seems like an uphill battle with multiple other programs out there that do the same thing and have already been developed (Maptool+Skype, others).

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    I think that the virtual table top could be usefull if it could be used for play by post games, where players use a web browser to post their characters moves and the GM makes a game move per day.   One that was specialized so that the player can easily call up the current map and locations, various information, send private messages to the GM...    That would be much better than the Forums I'm currently hosting play by post games in.

    And yes, on day 1 of the release I strongly think they should have a Character Builder and Compendium available for D&D Insider Subscribers.    Those of us who have chosen to pay a yearly subscription fee to access new material should not significantly lag behind those who buy books..  particularly since books have to get to the printers months before their release, time in which they could be updating the information in the backend for a simultaneous release.

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Do you mean by the real release date or the beta (i.e., semi-open play test) release (which is like next week at D&D Experience)?  I just don't see how could they create online tools, like character builder, if the rules are supposedly in flux.
On release of the core books they need a working Character Builder, Monster Builder and Compendium.  What they need to be doing now, is getting the digital tools team engaged in the design process.  They can help the R&D devs to make sure the game isn't a nightmare to program into the tools.

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