Dragonborn to Deva (Cleric)

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I could use some help with character development. His name is Xrose.
Forgotten Realms only fyi

Q1/ He has a tail, most dragonborn do not, what could justify this?

I have played D&D 4th Edition for 9 months now. The home game. I started my character as a Dragonborn Cleric. (Lets not go into those details) But he was captured (by skeleton horder) from his village outside of Djerad Thymar with his family (his clan was formed by two clans that came Albeir). He was lucky to be taken as a slave, but he was seperated from his family at this point. He was then brought by a Djinn who gambled with Xrose, and Xrose won his freedom, thus was met by adventurers in the Djinn planes travelling tent. He banded with this adventurers. (Yeah, the people I play with).

His original role is a healer, laser cleric. Not a battle cleric. He also worships Bahamut

Q2/ One of his aims was to obviously rescue his family? DM hasnt really given much thought to this after months of adventuring, perhaps a year or so, he is starting to fear they might be dead. Any ideas to get DM to hurry this plot up?

Long ago a clan lived among the populace of Arkhosi, they comprised of noble families among the citadel and smaller villages, some of their people adventured further amongst Abeir.

During the conflict against Baei Turath the clan in parts diminished although certain Dragonborn warriors proved honourable from this clan. The war continued and at the armistice only two families of the clan remained.

The two families offered marriage of a husband and wife to continue a legacy, and during the spell plague they emigrated to Unther, the husband who was to become a father showed signs of the spell plague.

The legacy of the clan merged with another clan called Golden Scales.

The Golden Scales and the Red Rose Clan bored children in the new citadel Djerad Thymar, and worked tirelessly with other clans to rebuild a nation and cope with the spell plague.

The second generation of Golden Red Rose emigrated from the citadel to live together for time just beyond the citadel, to farm and gain hope by building shrines. It was in 1452DR Eleasis that a Dragonborn with red scales was born, he would be the last hope to restore respect to the two clans, and his name was Xrose.

Unfortunately in 1477DR, year of the Purloined Statue, the settlement was pillaged and then an army of Undead was raised to kill the survivors. Xrose was captured into slavery where he was taken to the region of Calimshan to work as a servant, in hard labour and finally to be sold as a gladiator.

It was only for a Djinn that he was spared as he gambled his life in a game of chance in return for his freedom. Fortunately Xrose won and now seeks return to his home settlement to look for survivors and continue the clan legacy.

The party, known as the Fury Collective*, went on many adventures. Two players left since I joined, and we currently have six members (including myself)
*site is pretty much out of date now unfortunately, trying to get it updated.

Party is all Seventh Level

  • A blackguard Paladin genasi

  • An elven Paladin

  • Revenat Assassin

  • Human Slayer

  • and our newest member, Pixie Sorcerer

  • plus me the Cleric

(as players we play a homegame, we enjoy ourselves, we let things slide, our DM likes to play from pre set adventures, its just a good friday night, without the drinking, Okay sometimes someone brings mead, beer, wine or cider) The DM makes things make sense, sometimes the players do and don't. There are no rules lawyers, thank Bahamut.

Now, as I play I havent had any interest in changing my character, like to play a character that helps the party. But unfortunately my dragonborn cleric has a pretty awful stat block, for a laser cleric, and doesnt have enough healing powers. But now I want to change that, make him an improved character. But to do so I want a clever way to do it. I've always loved icons out of comics likes Spiderman, Venom, Carnage, etc. Their sort of alternative universe characters, and so far I have come up with that Xrose with planning from the DM, will be killed.

At Xroses death, his scaley remnants will be absorbed in a Devas birth. The monster shall die, and on the monsters death the Deva will be born. 

I am thinking along the lines that this character will be "Xrose Reborn". Sort of makes sense sort of doesn't. It was simple creating a dragonborn cleric, but here is where I would love some input from other players.

Q3/ Now how justifiable is it to have some of my previous characters (xrose) history merge with my new character (the deva)?

I have created a Deva who is a cleric (hybrid avenger) majority healer. But a little funner for me to play, in that he can have more attempts at hitting things, and have some fun rolls with dice.

My DM is all too happy to include Bahamut to visit my character, and has said that he has visited my old character several times (although I have only consciously noticed it once). I am thinking the Deva will also be aligned or even worship Bahamut. We are currently playing Gardmore Abbey, Please dont spoil it for me if you have played it. As you may or may not known Gardmore Abbey has a heavy connection to Bahamut ( They used to worship Bahamut at the Abbey )

I am reading up on Devas as we speak.

I have not finished creating my character yet. I took it to the optimization thread to get it oiled up and prepared for play. I do really want a playable character, but really needs to fit in with the other players also.

  1. iplay4e.appspot.com/characters/agdpcGxhe...

This is my character. And it will update. With help from other Dungeons and Dragons players and Dungeon Masters.

This a link to Xrose character sheet iplay4e.appspot.com/characters/agdpcGxhe...