Dragon Boulder (Mono-Red Dragons)

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Ok, this is what I am building as of now. I need help and reassurance if it works. Is there someone who can test it on Workstation, so that I can get to know if it works? I hope someone will say something. I really need to know. My birthday is looming and I will brag to my parents to buy myself a dragon deck, lol . I just wanted dragons.
Creature (28)
Sorcery (3)
Enchantment (3)
Artifact (4)
Land (22)


Crucible of Fire from Alara block is a very nice Dragon card, and I would look into some Changelings to go with it. That said, I would drop the Fireballs and Infernal Plunges, drop the Dust Coronas to 2, and get more lands and removal to help you survive to play your Dragons.


I made some changes. Put Taurean Mauler as a changeling and Crucible of Fire, however I still think that Infernal Plunges are useful for this deck and combined with the Dragon Fodder will provide opportunity for good mana leak.
But say what'cha think and let's make it better.

The Painbearer
As a replacement for Infernal Plunge, you could consider Pyretic Ritual, Seething Song, or Geosurge - while they aren't 1 mana, they don't require you to have out a creature to sacrifice for it


Ok, I'll cut it and put Seething Song, but what should I do with Dragon Fodder? Any advice would be helpful.

thanks and regards:
The Painbearer
As much as i love dragons, isnt there any dragon that is better then the 2 you run? I did run flameblast dragon in block (white red with ajani to stall long enough) but really, 4?

Also, the goblin guide seems a bit random. What is it you want to do? Win with bith dragons? (I guess you do) or win with beatdown? Cause as far as i can see its going to be like this:

mountain -> guide, kick you (he draws a land)

*keep kicking him to like.. 14 if you are lucky*

Now i play a dragon and overkill you for 1000.

See my point? The guide probably will not matter at all. He will do some damage, but your dragons do more damage, making it in most cases not really relevant.

At least thats what i think. I think you need to go a bit more midrange control instead of having stuff from mana cost 1 till 7.

Dragons are very cool btw.

I think dragons are awesome power as physical unit, but I also admit that there have to be put some sort of resistance-hexproof kind of units. So I don't know very much. I think there should be some magical resistant-kind-of-thing, some sort of monster, that enhances all the monsters, just for being there.
Ok, let me think with you here

(opens the gatherer)

- Boggardan Hellkite might be nice, its more expansive, but a really ROARRRRR dragon with a good effect.

- Dragon whelp might be cute for the midgame, you can just not pump him so much that he dies, or put 10 mana in him/her  =P  You could also try furnace whelp

- Moltensteel Dragon is a pretty cheap dragon as well

- Pardic Dragon might be cute

- Rakdos Pit dragon? Allthough i dont think you'll have hellbent that fast

- Two-headed dragon is pretty cool

- Vorocious Dragon would be nice if you kept the goblins, same with predator dragon

hope some of them help
I recommend that you don't try and mix an early game strategy with a late game one. If you want to go dragons I say you get mana ramp (koth, and mana artifacts (mind stone is pretty good) and then use the dragonspeaker alongside these spells to drop fat dragons fast rather than waiting til t6 after going an aggro route.
Of course I'm sure I've gone mad. The little man who crawled out of my eye was quite clear on this.

One thing that I thing could be helpfull is adding green and black for elvish piper, hellkite overlord, kokusho, the evening star, broodmate dragon, karrthus, tyrant of jund.


Also, skirk prospector and dragonspeaker shaman are not in any modern sets and seething song is banned in modern.

ME ANGRY!!! SO ME USE RED!!! When posting decklists or suggestions please link to the card. Do this with [c.]card name here[/c.] for single cards or [deck.] insert deck contents here [/deck.] for decks. don't include the periods in the brackets though.

Hi guys, this is how I will play them. I don't have Sarkhan Vol yet,  but I will get it later... I also need Dragon Roost. Well this is a relative version, of what I aim for. Strong "earth" presence through Goblins and what is well... the only devour dragons I could remember of. Here is my new version:

19x Mountain

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